What are the military ranks in the Spanish army


The Spanish army is also known as the Spanish Army, being an institution with many years of history. Over the years, this army has been organized in order to fulfill with its defense and security functions. The different military ranks are key when it comes to having a great organization and optimal functioning of the army. The military ranks will establish the hierarchy and responsibilities within the institution itself.

In the following article we are going to talk to you about the military ranks that exist in the Spanish army and of their different functions and responsibilities.

How the Spanish Army is organized

The Spanish army is divided into units, formations and groupings. To achieve a certain order and discipline, the army has a hierarchy divided into different ranks. Military ranks are divided into three main categories:

  • General officers
  • Officers
  • Non-commissioned officers and troops

Each category will have a set of ranges that refer to to the chain of command and the associated responsibilities. Next we are going to see each of these categories with their respective military ranks.

General Officers

The general officers They are the highest ranks in the army and have the greatest responsibility when it comes to strategic decision making and leadership. In the Spanish army, the ranks of general officers are usually the following:

Army general

Army General is the highest rank within the Spanish army. This rank will imply a level of strategic responsibility and leadership at the highest level.

Lieutenant general

Lieutenant General is below the Army General. Generally, he will have the responsibility of commanding large areas or army bodies.

Division General

The Major General is responsible for a division or, in other words, a large military formation. which may include several brigades.

Brigadier General

The Brigadier General He is responsible for a brigade, which may consist of several regiments or battalions. This rank is the lowest within the general officer category.

spain army


Officers are responsible for leadership both at a tactical and operational level. It is going to be divided into two main categories: senior officers and junior officers.

Senior officers will have command responsibilities and control at medium and high levels. They are divided into:


The Colonel usually directs a regiment, which is a large unit that can have several battalions.

Teniente coronel

The Lieutenant Colonel is usually in charge of a battalion, which is a smaller unit than a regiment.


The Commander may be in charge of a smaller battalion or be part of the staff of a larger unit.

The junior officers They have more tactical responsibilities and lower level. They are divided into:


The Captain is usually in charge of a company, which is a unit smaller within a battalion.


The lieutenant is responsible for a platoon, which is an even smaller unit.


The Ensign is the lowest rank within the rank of officers and is generally in charge of a section within a platoon.


Non-commissioned officers and troops

The non-commissioned officers and the troops They are the base of the army and are responsible for the daily operations and more practical tasks of the army.

The non-commissioned officers are going to be the link between officers and men, and are responsible for maintaining order and discipline in smaller units. The ranks of non-commissioned officers are as follows:

second lieutenant

Second Lieutenant is the highest rank within the non-commissioned officers and often has very important administrative responsibilities.


The Brigade can be the second in command of a platoon or have supervisory responsibilities.

First sergeant

The First Sergeant is in charge of a platoon or can be the second in command of a company.


The Sergeant is usually responsible from a smaller platoon or a section within a company.

The troop It is the army base and will be in charge of the most practical and operational tasks of the army. The troop ranks are:

Corporal First

Cape First can be second commanding a platoon.

Cabo San Lucas

The Cape has basic responsibilities of leadership about a small group of soldiers.


The soldier is the lowest rank within the army and is in charge of daily and operational tasks.

In short, the different military ranks of the Spanish army are key when it comes to maintainingr structure, order and discipline within the institution. Each rank will have its own responsibilities and functions, playing a key role in the functioning of the army.

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