What does a police inspector do and how to become one

police inspector

Being a police inspector is going to involve an equal combination of skills, responsibilities and challenges. These are key professionals when it comes to maintaining public order and security within society. Whether investigating different crimes or leading teams, his work is key within the country's criminal justice system.

In the following article we are going to talk to you about the different functions of a police inspector and how it can become so.

What are the functions of a police inspector

Police inspectors will play different roles within police forces. Their work will vary depending on where they are located, the size of the police force and the needs of the community. Then we will tell you the main functions of police inspectors:

  • Police inspectors are responsible for investigating crimes committed in society. This will involve gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, analyzing crime scenes and working with other agencies with the aim of solving the different cases.
  • Inspectors usually carry out supervisory tasks to other police officers. This includes assigning tasks, evaluating performance, and providing guidance.
  • Police inspectors have the responsibility of managing specific cases. This will involve coordinating the different investigations, ensuring that appropriate procedures are followed and making decisions that are key to moving forward. in resolving cases.
  • Although inspectors usually have more focused tasks to the administrative field, They may also participate in patrols and respond to emergencies.
  • Police inspectors act as a link between police and community. This includes participating in community meetings or answering residents' questions.
  • Police inspectors are responsible for enforcing laws and maintain public order.


Requirements to be a police inspector

The person who aspires to have a professional career as a police inspector You will have to meet a series of requirements:

  • Having the Spanish nationality.
  • Be of age and not exceed the retirement age.
  • Not having been convicted of an intentional crime, nor be disabled for public service.
  • Have a minimum height of 1,65 meters in the case of men and 1,60 meters in the case of women.
  • Not having any cause of physical or psychological exclusion.
  • Commit to carry weapons and use it if necessary.
  • Have a driving license of type B2.
  • Having a University degree.

How to become a police inspector

There are two ways or ways to become a police inspector: free opposition and internal promotion. From here you must choose the path that is most accessible to become a police inspector.

Free opposition

An opposition is a feasible selection process for any person who meets with the established requirements. There is a preparation phase in which applicants study the required syllabus in order to acquire the different theoretical knowledge related to the position in question. The opposition will consist of several phases that we see below:

  • Un theoric exam on the required topic.
  • Different physical tests that usually consist in push-ups, jumping or running.
  • Psychotechnical type examination to be able to evaluate the ability to reason in a logical way.
  • A personal interview in which the different social skills or motivation of the person to work as a police inspector will be examined.
  • Once all the tests seen have been passed, the person is obliged to carry out a training course.

study police

Internal promotion

This option is valid for those people who are part of the Higher Police Corps and They want to advance to the rank of inspector. To do this you have to overcome this entire process:

  • The requirements set by the corresponding police institution must be met. It is the case of having a certain seniority within the body, having a good record and pass an internal evaluation.
  • Is done an internal call for interested police officers to submit the corresponding request.
  • They will be taken into account the merits and the professional career of each candidate.
  • Agents who have been selected will receive a formation to complete their knowledge and carry out the entrusted work in the best way.

In short, being a police inspector is not an easy or simple path, but it can be rewarding for the person who achieves it. Police inspectors play a key role in to maintain public order and security in society. If you like serving your community and have a certain commitment to justice, the job of police inspector may be perfect for you.

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