What is divergent thinking and how to develop it

What is divergent thinking and how to develop it

We can become so accustomed to interpreting reality in a certain way that, sometimes, it is difficult for us to go beyond the initial interpretation to explore other responses. However, as you have surely seen in different areas of your personal or professional life, creativity can make a difference. That is to say, The development of an original point of view offers another approach because it starts from a different angle. What is divergent thinking and how to develop it?

Sometimes a problem seems to have only one possible solution regarding what to do. But, beyond the appearance of a reality from a superficial point of view or from the inertia involved in making a hasty decision, it is advisable to broaden the focus of attention to contemplate more nuances and variables that are part of the landscape.

Divergent thinking: key to developing an original point of view

This is an invitation to develop divergent or lateral thinking. But how to have a more creative approach in searching for a solution? Imagine that you contemplate that situation for the first time. That is, try to get rid of that feeling that comes from being in front of a scenario that you know by heart. What do you think would be the point of view of another person around you? You can complement your vision with other possible perspectives. It is a practical exercise to avoid repeating the same processes in similar situations. And, if you always opt for a similar option, the result will also be quite predictable.

And how to delve into a given fact from another angle? The answers are also different when the questions that arise about it change. The question has great relevance in different sectors such as research, coaching and philosophy.. Well, if you want to find a different solution to a problem that comes your way on a recurring basis, perhaps you can shed light on that issue through other questions.

What is divergent thinking and how to develop it

Tips to develop divergent thinking

Lateral thinking can also be developed in a more playful and fun way through play. There is a practical format that can help you enhance your training in this area. Riddles that raise a question related to divergent thinking They are a clear example of this. It is a type of proposal that is also usually integrated into training courses on this topic. In that case, if you do a riddle or other similar exercises in a group, you may find that some people stand out for their ability to solve the unknown quickly. Perhaps an answer is not the most logical at first glance, however, the key to the issue may lie in originality.

Writing can also help you develop your creative thinking. For example, write a long list with possible solutions to a problem that focuses your attention in the short term. Add new information to the list without pre-judging whether it is a viable proposition. Let the information flow from within you as it comes to life on paper. Sometimes, we don't give an idea a chance to germinate because, in advance, we close ourselves off to that possibility. Well, to practice lateral thinking it is also essential to avoid rigid thinking that stands out for its lack of flexibility.

If you are wondering what divergent thinking is and how to develop it, in Formación y Estudios We share some keys to enhance the search for an original and creative point of view. Don't get stuck in fixed and determined opinions, be flexible to discover other short-term possibilities.

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