What is thanatopraxia?


To this day, talking about a subject such as death continues to cause a lot of respect and It is a taboo subject for an important part of society. That is why a profession like thanatopraxy is not very popular and is not very well regarded. The work of the thanatopractor is essential, so that the deceased has the best possible aesthetic and physical appearance.

In the following article we will talk to you in a more detailed way about the specific tasks of the thanatopractor and of the job opportunities that this profession has.

What are the tasks of a thanatopractor

In thanatopraxy, the professional will use a series of techniques that help to better preserve the deceased in addition to preparing them aesthetically for the various funeral rites. In a more specific way, The tasks of a thanatopractor are the following:

  • Embalming the body of the deceased to keep it in the best possible condition.
  • Use various products to be able to brake as much as possible the decomposition of the body of the deceased.
  • They must use different chemicals and medical tools in order to prepare the body.
  • Remove the different fluids that are in the body of the deceased through a drain.
  • Correct and repair the different wounds that the body may have. It is important to leave your own body in an optimal way so that it does not imply a great impact on friends and family. This part of thanatopraxia is not easy or simple for the professional who is dedicated to it.
  • Although it may be the work of a thanatostatic, the thanatopractor can also perform related functions with the aesthetics and image of the deceased.
  • He is also in charge of dressing the deceased so that it is correctly presented to family and friends.


How much does a thanatopraxy professional earn?

This type of profession has a fairly high demand and it is that everything related to death usually causes a lot of respect and today it is still a taboo subject for many people. In relation to salary, it should be noted that it is a very well paid profession, since the average salary is about 2.000 euros gross per month.

The thanatopractor usually works for funeral homes or for the morgues that are in both public and private health centers. Today, thanatopraxia is not considered a qualified profession, so anyone who considers it appropriate can work as a tanatopractor. However, in the vast majority of cases, companies dedicated to the funeral theme tend to sue professionals dedicated to thanatopraxia who have some training.

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What do you have to study to work in the field of thanatopraxy

A person who dedicates himself to thanatopraxy must have a series of knowledge about human anatomy, since this is essential when it comes to knowing how to keep a person's dead body in good condition. Not everyone is worth being a tanatopractor since it is a really complicated profession, because it works with the body of a deceased.

The person who engages in thanatopraxy must have a calm and patient temperament and a certain empathy, in order to better fulfill its various tasks. As we have already indicated above, to date there is no university degree or a training cycle on the aforementioned thanatopraxia. However, despite this, companies are looking for profiles that are well trained in the field of thanatopraxy. At present, the person who decides to dedicate himself to this profession can do so in different ways or means:

  • Through private courses.
  • Obtaining the superior degree of pathological anatomy.
  • Through a certificate to be able to work as a tanatopractor.


Ultimately, the profession of thanatopraxia is a wonderful option in case you need to work. In the market there is a great demand and the person with such a profession who is unemployed is rare. This demand is due to the fact that it is not an easy job since not everyone is mentally prepared to work with deceased people. In any case, with sufficient training and with certain aptitudes such as having serenity or a certain empathy, it can be a really interesting job.

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