Tips for looking for work

Five tips for looking for work

En Formación y Estudios We give you five practical tips to look for work in spring or summer, taking advantage of the seasonal factor.

What are ECTS at university

What are ECTS at university

In this article in Formación y Estudios We tell you what the unit of measurement expressed in ECTS is, the new university credits

not being able to keep up with the classes

Does it make sense to drop out?

Although dropping out of school may sound horrible, there are circumstances in life where it is necessary to do so ... and return to it later.

boy studying online

How to study high school online

If you want to study high school at a distance, do not miss this information so that you can decide if it is a good option for you.

Learn Excel Online

Alternatives to free Excel

Do you need a program to make spreadsheets but don't want to use Excel? Don't miss out on these free Excel alternatives.

English training in EF English Live online classes

Apps to learn English

If you want to learn English, you don't have to go to an expensive school ... Discover some applications that will help you learn this language from home.

study material

Why is psychopedagogy important

Do you like psychopedagogy? Find out why this profession is important ... And also, if you want to be a psychopedagogue, what does the studies consist of?

nutritionist girl in her private practice

What to study to be a nutritionist

If you want to be a nutritionist, then do not miss the ones that you must study to be one, and before deciding ... discover what this professional does!

Study in the library

The best tricks to study

In the society in which we find ourselves, schools or educational institutions are the ones that teach concepts that you should ...

students getting the most out of studying

Requirements for high school honors and its advantages

If as a student you receive an honors degree you can be happy because it is the highest grade you can have. For many it seems an impossible goal. Obtaining honors in Baccalaureate is possible. Find out what the requirements are and all the advantages that getting it will offer you.

Learn Basque

5 tips for learning Basque

Language learning is one of the most important requirements of the curriculum to improve employability options and ...

girl who wants to learn dressmaking

Dressmaking courses

If you have realized that you want to learn tailoring both on a personal level and to be your professional outlet, do not miss these courses to make your own clothes.

Call for FPU Scholarships

Modules with more outputs

If you want to make a module to have a professional future that suits you, don't miss these modules with more outlets.

The races with the most starts

If you want to find out which are the races with the most starts, read on ... You will also know which are the races with the least starts.

How to learn typing online

How to learn typing online

Typing skills are basic for many professions since, nowadays, in the technological age, it is common to consult information ...

couple studying

What is a dual FP

If you are thinking of doing a dual FP but you don't really know what it is or what it is about, do not miss this article.

7 Courses on personal development

In today's article we bring you 7 courses on personal development from the hand all of the Coursera platform that as you already know are free and online.

Degree in Psychology at UNED

Degree in Psychology at UNED

Are you thinking of studying the Degree in Psychology at UNED? In this article we give you the most significant details of this defendant degree.

What is a diagram and what is it for?

Do you know what a diagram is and its usefulness? We teach you how to make a diagram to study or structure ideas. Do you know the types of diagrams? Enters!

Student rights

Rights and duties of students

We tell you what are the rights and duties of students in Secondary Education. What rights must educational centers fulfill with their students?

Keys to studying in summer

If you have to study in the summer, then it is necessary that you know some keys that will help you to have good results in your exams.

Courses with job opportunities

In today's article we will talk about the few, currently, courses with job opportunities that we can study. Not everything is lost!

be naturopath

What is being a Naturopath?

Maybe you want to study for naturopathy but you don't know exactly what it is. Find out what exactly it means to be a naturopath.

Phases of reading

Phases of reading

We tell you what the phases of reading are so that you understand the text in the shortest time possible and do not miss any details when reading.

Educational counselor

The educational counselor

The task of the counselor offers a preventive action, in order to mediate in the conflicts that may arise between the student and the educational center

What is the Montessori Method?

In today's article we are going to talk about the so-called Montessori Method, created by the Italian doctor María Montessori.



Discover the online platform of the publisher SM, discover SMConectados, an online space for teachers, but that parents can also take advantage of.

Do you want to study Criminology?

If you like to investigate and go to the bottom of everything you should think about studying Crymonology. A career with more and more students enrolled.

Learn German: reasons to study this language

What is rhizomatic learning

Find out what rhizomatic learning is, what it consists of and why it is a good idea to use it in people's learning.

University fees in Spain

We analyze university fees in Spain, one of the most expensive in all of Europe. Germans pay up to 20 times less to study a degree.

Study the Degree in Design

In this article we briefly analyze what it would be like for you to study the Degree in Design: access to it, functions, subjects, etc.

FP free tests

In this article we tell you what are the requirements to be able to access the FP free tests and the exits once the title is obtained.

How to make outlines correctly

In this article we show you how to make diagrams correctly for a better assimilation of concepts from what has been studied in the subject.

Study techniques to improve understanding of the text

3 study techniques that work

If you think that when you study you are not making good use of your time, then you should learn to have better study techniques.

Health Emergency Technician

Health Emergency Technician

Today, health emergency technician could be the most requested and demanded middle grade within the health field.

Careers in Social Sciences

These are the titles that today are collected within the branch of the Social: Careers of Social and Legal Sciences.

Higher Degree Cycles in Madrid

These are the higher degree cycles that are offered in the Community of Madrid. You will also be able to know the admission requirements in all of them.

I study with music

Music to study, yes or no?

Maybe you don't know if studying with music is a good option or not. In Formación y Estudios We clear your doubts, is it good or is it not?

Law career opportunities

In this article we briefly comment on some professional and work opportunities for those who finish the law degree.

What are cut notes

If you want to access a public university, you must know what cut-off marks are and what they are for. Do not miss this article because I am telling you about it.

Online courses starting in October

Today we present you 3 online courses that start in October: one is about cooking explained by the chef Joan Roca, and the other two about education and sports.

Respect at work

How to earn respect at work

If you feel that your coworkers do not respect you as they should, then the time has come for you to earn their respect.

Do you want to study mechanics?

Do you want to study mechanics completely free of charge and thus have more than general notions to solve possible emergencies? Well…

Review your study techniques

Review your study techniques and achieve the pass that you want so much. Remember that with effort and perseverance you can achieve it.

Study what you really like

Study what you really like and you will have the necessary and required motivation to do your job with more enthusiasm every day.

How to face exams successfully

How to face the exams successfully according to Dr. Javier Lavilla, specialist at the University Clinic of the University of Navarra,

Job search course 2.0

Free job search course 2.0 on the MiriadaX platform. At the end you can have a certificate of participation and improvement.

Jobs to do from home

Working from home is becoming more and more real that you can achieve and make a living from it. But are you missing ideas? Do not miss the following.

take notes

Different ways to take notes

If you want to take notes effectively, you should know some methods to get the information received to suit you better.

Tools for learning to write

Reading and writing is essential for education and learning, but children should see it as something positive and not as an imposition, playing!

A summer to recycle

Summer is an excellent opportunity to recycle. This is how existing knowledge is updated.

What is the Eleven Platform

The Eleven platform is an educational environment platform that will help you to create educational material and organize a learning environment.


Studying to investigate

When we study, what we really have to do is investigate in order to learn as much as possible.


Putting effort

Effort is one of the best ways you have to achieve success. Keep it in mind.


Performance is key

Having a good performance in studies is essential for us to obtain good results. We give you some tips.


Back to the load

Christmas is over and, after the holidays, it's time to get back to school. Are you ready?


Help us to think

Thought and logic are two very important aspects for studies. They will help you on more than one occasion.


Let's go back to paper

Sometimes, it is better to use physical resources to order our lives. They can become even more efficient.


After studying what?

During the studies we will have to ask ourselves a question: what will we work on next?


We are not perfect

No matter how many demands we are made in the studies, we will have errors that we can try to solve.


Nothing for the last day

The best thing to do when doing your homework is not to leave it until the last day. Do them as much as possible.

Students in class

Attention, homework

Attention in class is very important since, among other things, it will allow you to be informed of the homework you have.


The best notes

Although it may seem like it, the notes are not that important. What we really have to take into account is the knowledge we get.


Always communicated

When we are in a course, it is recommended that we be in communication with the teachers as long as possible.


Beware of holidays

We recommend that you be careful with holidays, as they can lead to errors that would waste your time.