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What is a dual FP

If you are thinking of doing a dual FP but you don't really know what it is or what it is about, do not miss this article.

FP free tests

In this article we tell you what are the requirements to be able to access the FP free tests and the exits once the title is obtained.

Health Emergency Technician

Health Emergency Technician

Today, health emergency technician could be the most requested and demanded middle grade within the health field.

Higher Degree Cycles in Madrid

These are the higher degree cycles that are offered in the Community of Madrid. You will also be able to know the admission requirements in all of them.

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Caja Madrid FP Scholarships

The Caja Madrid Foundation has just announced the call for scholarships for FP students, very interesting scholarships that allow the promotion of Vocational Training among students who intend to continue studying.

30 scholarships for hairdressing and aesthetics from L'Oréal

The great beauty brand L'Oréal offers the opportunity to 30 talented young people in the hairdressing and beauty sector to enjoy one of the "L'Oréal Impulsa Hairdressing and Aesthetics FP Grants". In this way, the popular brand L'Oréal seeks to reward the efforts of young people who are studying an intermediate degree in these sectors. Furthermore, these "L'Oréal Impulsa Hairdressing and Aesthetics FP Scholarships" are intended for students who are part of unemployed families or with financial problems, with the aim of young people not abandoning their studies.

The Minister of Education assures that VET is the key to getting out of the crisis

This is how clairvoyant and convinced the current Minister of Education José Ignacio Wert has been in his latest statements. According to the Popular Party minister, professional training should be the key that allows us to get out of the crisis. Minister Wert believes that strong collaboration between business and government can develop strong, practical and profitable dual vocational training.

Prepare thoroughly for selectivity

Prepare thoroughly for selectivity

Selectivity is a decisive phase before accessing the University, and it means concentrating all the energy to pass it with a good grade, but it requires that -in addition- in the previous years the work has been done well

competency accreditation program

Accreditation of competences

With the calls for professional accreditation of the Ministry of Education, anyone with work experience can obtain a corresponding qualification.