Degree in Fashion Design, where to study it?

Degree in Fashion Design, where to study it?

Currently, professionals who want to dedicate themselves to the world of fashion have multiple sources of inspiration since new professions are also emerging around this sector. The figure of the fashion influencer, for example, is positioned as a reference for the general public. A professional who acts as an ambassador for different brands, sets trends and creates a close bond with his followers. Specialized training, as in other fields, is very important.

The Degree in Fashion Design is one of the itineraries that is integrated into this context. After completing the studies, the student has greater preparation to improve their employability or undertake their own project. And it is that, Entrepreneurship is one of the main professional opportunities of those who specialize in fashion design and want to give voice to their own vision.

What subjects are studied in the Degree in Fashion Design

The subjects delve into the textile universe from a very broad perspective. In this way, the student acquires a global vision of this very creative world. For example, there is room to delve into the history of fashion through different styles and historical periods. Clothing, without a doubt, can also speak of a specific time. as is evident in the characterization of a character in film, theater or literature.

The final ideal of a design starts from an original proposal that is perfectly reflected in a sketch. That is to say, the professional who works in fashion design has different skills and artistic resources to capture his ideas. The drawing is an example of this. The student also delves into other interesting fields such as clothing, pattern making and photography. Of course, the student acquires a high level of knowledge about different textures, fabrics and fabrics. It also delves into the world of colors and prints..

Fashion design goes beyond the creation of a specific product. Definitely, It is essential that the professional have a broader vision of their work to give visibility to their talent. Marketing applied to the world of fashion is key to making an idea known to the target audience. In short, it provides helpful tools to undertake.

Although drawing is one of the resources that professionals can use to create a sketch, the sector has also evolved with the emergence of other technological tools. For example, representation can also be carried out through other digital resources. To know in detail all the information about the subjects taught in Fashion Design, consult the program from different universities.

Degree in Fashion Design, where to study it?

Where can you study Fashion Design?

There is a wide variety of institutions that include this proposal in their program: the University of Nebrija, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the European University are three examples to consider. It is also possible to study at ESSDM Escuela Superior Sevilla de Moda.

Do you want to study the Degree in Fashion Design? In that case, keep in mind that the program delves into the textile sector from different perspectives: communication, culture, trends, ergonomics, marketing, entrepreneurship in the world of fashion, pattern making, embroidery, haute couture... In any case, if you want develop in the world of fashion, keep in mind that it is a very competitive field. However, it also offers multiple job opportunities. In addition, studies give you the opportunity to learn about the sector from a holistic perspective to later decide where you want to direct your specialization.

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