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Formation and studies is a site originated in 2010 that aims to keep its readers informed about the latest news, changes and calls of the educational system. The vast majority of oppositions and university and school topics, from how to carry out a particular bureaucratic process to resources and guides for students.

All of this is possible thanks to our editorial team that you can see below. If you want to be part of this group, you can contact us here. On the other hand, in this page You can find all the topics we have covered on this page over the years, sorted by categories.


  • Maite Nicuesa

    Graduate and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Navarra. Expert Course in Coaching at the Escuela D´Arte Formación. Writing and philosophy are part of my professional vocation. And the desire to continue learning, through the investigation of new topics, accompanies me every day.

  • maria jose roldan

    Learning does not take place, but instead allows you to be where you want. Because a good training opens all the doors you want. It is never too late to keep learning! For this reason, in FormaciónyEstudios we want you to be able to achieve all your goals with a good knowledge.

  • Encarni Arcaya

    I have always been interested in job training and guidance (FOL) and in my career I went through subjects related to this. In addition, learning study techniques is something that has caught my attention, especially to teach children to learn.

Former editors

  • Carmen guillen

    Vintage of 84, restless ass with a bad seat and with multiple tastes and hobbies. Being up-to-date in courses is one of my priorities: you never stop learning. Do you want to know how to improve in your studies? In my articles you will find many tips that, I hope, will help you improve your training.