Competitions agenda

You decided study an opposition. So we already have a clear idea about our future. But now comes another fundamental part that is to opt for one. We need to feel that vocation that tells us which branch to pull. In addition to this, think about the titles we have, because as we well know, it is one of the great requirements.

Once we have in mind the opposition that we like or that motivates us, we need to buy the agenda. We can get hold of it right now, so below you will find the syllabi of the competitive examinations that have the most job opportunities right now.

Most demanded competitions

Post Office agendas Post oppositions
Post Office agendas
Fire brigade agenda Firefighters Oppositions
Fire brigade agendas
Civil Guard agendas Civil Guard oppositions
Civil Guard agendas
SAS agendas SAS oppositions
SAS agendas
Justice agendas Oppositions of Justice
Justice agendas
  • Civil Guard oppositions: One of the most demanded competitions is the Civil Guard. The security forces are always among the most requested. Oppositions whose main requirements are to have the ESO title, be 18 years old and no more than 40. Your exam is divided into physical tests (speed, endurance, swimming ...) and the theoretical part (Spelling, language, psychotechnics and personal interview ).
  • Oppositions for Firefighters: To be able to present yourself to these firefighter competitions you need a Bachelor's degree or equivalent, as well as being 16 years old. The exam is also composed of a theoretical part and a practical part (Rope climbing, weight lifting, push-ups, running, swimming and vertical jump). The psychotechnics and the medical examination complete the parts that must be overcome. Once you have your place, you will carry out a wide variety of jobs such as evacuations, emergencies or fire fighting.
  • Oppositions SAS (Andalusian Health Service): Here we will have several positions and each of them will have their requirements in the form of degrees. Among all of them we highlight the administrative, orderlies, pharmacy technicians or physiotherapists, among others. As for the exam, it will consist of the theoretical part and a practical course, without forgetting the contest phase, where the merits obtained will be added.
  • Post oppositions: As requirements, you will need the ESO degree or its equivalent and have already reached 18 years of age. For the exam, you will have to pass a test called common and two specific, where psychotechnics are also protagonists. Within these competitions, we will also find different positions (executive, official, classification, cast or assistants). In addition, they have a Job Bank that allows you to access different jobs while we wait for our place.
  • Justice oppositions: Within the oppositions of Justice we find three well differentiated bodies. The Procedural Management for which a diploma or university degree is required, then we have the Procedural Processing body where the Bachelor's degree is needed. Finally, the body of Judicial Aid for him is valid the degree of ESO or similar. Once your opposition has been approved, you will be able to access the internal promotion. The tasks to be carried out are somewhat different, but all of them are carried out between prosecutors and judicial offices.

Advantages of being a civil servant

Official who has studied an opposition

The public administration offers jobs, for which many people prepare for months or years. A great effort that is worthwhile, since once the opposition passes, we will have numerous advantages of being civil servants.

  • The security of a permanent position: Work is an essential part of our life. Thanks to him, we will be able to obtain a salary that allows us to live with certain comforts. So being a civil servant indicates that security. Each month we will receive our salary, plus a couple of extra payments each year. In this field, layoffs are not frequent, because you can continue working until you reach retirement age.
  • A well deserved vacation: All work must also include the vacation period. It is true that this is not always the case, depending on the type of work. In addition, in many cases the rest days are significantly reduced. So another advantage of being a civil servant is having more vacation days.
  • Our schedules: It is true that you have to respect a series of schedules, both for entry and exit. But in this case, it is not often that you stay longer than you should. While in many other jobs we do run the luck of being told that we have to finish some other type of paperwork. In addition, in the vast majority of stalls, you will have a break to have a coffee.
  • Improve worker rights: Without a doubt, the rights of the worker have a great change between the civil servants. Issues such as retirement as well as contributions, etc., are always fixed and respected points.
  • Transfer contest: It is true that it is also a great advantage for the vast majority of the positions offered. That is, you will have geographic mobility, if you wish. Although it will not be by finger, but through the contest phase. Perhaps for teachers it is a bit more complicated, but it can still be considered a good advantage to take into account.

Types of oppositions 

The types of oppositions or Public employees there are only four, depending on the requirements, the job itself and the positions.

  • Career officer: We usually know him simply as a civil servant. It is the person who is linked to the Public Administration. That is, it is a fixed position after having passed an opposition and obtained a place. Within this type of functionaries, we find a classification, according to the titles that have been required of them.
    • Group A: The first group can also be divided into A1 and A2. Both in one and the other, you will need a university degree to be able to apply for these positions.
    • Group B: To access the oppositions in Group B, you need the title of Superior Technician.
    • Group C: Here we will also find the so-called C1. In them the Bachelor's degree is required, while for the C2, the Graduate in ESO degree is required.
  • Acting officials: Despite having also prepared the oppositions, it differs from the previous ones because its works they are not as stable. Of course, the functions of the work they have to perform will be identical to those of career officials. But interns appear when there is excess work or there are some vacancies that must be filled or it is a replacement.
  • Labor staff: They have a contract that comes from the Public Administration. Said contract can be indefinite, permanent or temporary.
  • Temporary staff: In this case we are talking about a job that is usually intended for counseling and as its name suggests, it is temporary.

I want to study an opposition, how to start?

Girl studying the syllabi of an opposition

Here are a series of tips to start studying an opposition and not die trying:

  • You will always have to set some fixed study hours. Because routines are always the basis of balance and of motivating our body.
  • Start studying little by little. Remember that oppositions take time and it is better to take it easy if we want a good result. Of course, in this case, everyone can set their goals. It is advisable to start with little time, just a few minutes but well concentrated. Concentration is always the key to good learning.
  • Always remember your and motivation. If you have come this far, it is supposed to be because you have thought about it, you have reflected on the good things that having passed an opposition will leave you. So when you don't feel like it, always remember the motivation and visualize the goal.
  • Do not worry if a topic has not been with you as you expect. Because if you focus only on this topic, you will waste a lot of time and win. Not all issues have to be so hard, do not demand so much of something that has a solution.
  • The oppositions are as if it were a job. It is true that at first it is not remunerated, but we must take it that way. Do not get overwhelmed at the first change, get organized and do not get too saturated.
  • There are people who start studying about three hours a day during the first month. But as we have indicated, there may be breaks, but always a lot of concentration. Then, the following month, you can extend your study day.
  • Every so often, it doesn't hurt to do something type of mock exam. This way you will have a certain contact with what you are going to find when the big day arrives, and you will put your knowledge to the test.
  • Remember that it is advisable to read first, then underline what is most important and make summaries to fix the concepts.

Is it difficult to pass an opposition?

It is not an easy question to answer. More than anything because within the difficulty there are also different points. One of them is the type of opposition to which we present ourselves, as well as its scale within Groups A, B or C. On the other hand, there will be the time that we dedicate to it, since it takes a lot of perseverance and work, as well as organization .

For all this, it must be borne in mind that many people spend years before approving. But it's all about giving up, focusing on the goal and going for it. Even in small steps, but you can always. We find testimonies of all kinds, where some summarize that it has been complicated, while others have not found it as much as described. So as we say, it will depend on the person, their working methods and their determination.

How much does an official charge

Civil servant studying

El salary of an official It is determined by the group you have opposed. But in addition, some other factors are added such as the destination or the length of time in the position. But roughly the salaries are the following:

  • Group a1: Your salary each month exceeds 2.800 euros. In this group are inspectors of labor, social security, finance or higher bodies of the State Administration.
  • Group a2: In this case the salary drops to 2.200 euros per month and two extra payments. In this group, we can find technical officials for auditing, finance or systems management, as well as information technology.
  • Group B: If you have a Higher Technical qualification, you will be able to access this group. As for his salary, it will be around 1.800 euros.
  • Group C1: The administrative body is usually situated in this group. In order to present yourself, you will need a Bachelor's degree. The salary is between 1.600 euros.
  • Group C2: Here we will meet the auxiliary body, which as a fundamental requirement will need the title of ESO. They will charge about 1200 euros.
  • Group E: The junior staff will have an approximate salary of 1000 euros.

What happens if I fail the exam for the opposition?

 It is true that after all the time spent, the effort, seeing that it has been suspended is quite frustrating. So we must try to accept what has happened, even if it is not easy. The following days, it is advisable to rest and enjoy. It is the moment to give ourselves a time of reflection and forget about everything as much as possible.

You have to look on the positive side. Because all this is about learning and each time we will be closer to our goal. Which adds more experience for the next time we show up. However, suspend the examination of the opposition, It is not the end. It is a way to be able to discover the errors and to improve the techniques to take the next exam in a more optimistic way.