Post oppositions agenda

After the publication of the announcement of the oppositions of Correos, it is time to submit applications. Year after year, Correos is issuing new calls for competitive examinations to reduce the average age of employees, so it is always a good time to start studying an Opposition to Correos. If you want to learn more, here we tell you everything.

Updated agendas of Correos oppositions

Below you will find all the packs that we have with updated postal agendas so that you can approve more easily at the best market price. More than 95% pass in the Opposition to Correos he supports us!

Savings Pack

Post Office agendas Savings Pack

It is the cheapest option and the most complete of all since in addition to receiving the two volumes with the updated agenda from Correos, you will also get:

  • Book to prepare the psychotechnical tests
  • Mock exams to practice
  • Tests to prepare for the exam
  • Access to the online website with resources that will help you further improve your preparation for the call.

Premium Pack

The premium pack is for those who want to prepare as well as possible for the exam since, in addition to what is included in the savings pack, you will also receive a series of very interesting extras:

  • Glossaries and legislative references by topic
  • Schematics and graphics to facilitate learning
  • Summaries of each topic and study guides
  • Mock exams with real features
  • Explanatory videos
  • Courses with study techniques to prepare for the exam
  • Tutoring
  • Explanatory pills of important topics
  • Interactive theoretical content
  • Test generator
  • Exams from previous calls analyzed
  • Complementary documentation
  • And much more!

You will also have access to the academy for 3 months or 12 months, depending on the time you have to study.

Post Office agendas Premium Pack with 3 months of academy
Post Office agendas Premium Pack with 12 months of academy

In the event that you are not interested in these packs, you also have the opportunity to buy the products that you need individually. These are the available options:

2020 call for post-op oppositions

Offer jobs

Correos has summoned 3.421 places for the call of the year 2020. It must be said that all these places are adding the national scope. Then, you will have to go to the announcement of the oppositions of Correos and discover the positions for each province.

The type of exam

Once the call is open, it is worth reviewing the exam that awaits us. Is about one common test and two specific ones, both for distribution and for classification and customer service. The first, common test, is based on a multiple choice test of 60 questions. Only 10 of them will be psychotechnical. To do this, each opponent will have about 55 minutes. The exams that are specific are also multiple choice. But in this case, there will be about 40 questions and the maximum time available to opponents is 35 minutes.


If you have passed the examination and elimination phase, then the evaluation phase of your merits will come. Some of the merits that score are the following:

  • Seniority in the Post Office. Regardless of the position to be held, during the last 7 years.
  • Have performed the jobs in the province that is requested.
  • Belong to the Job Boards of both the specific position and the province.
  • University Degrees or Higher Degree Professional Training in Administration, Management, Commercial, Marketing and Computer Science.
  • Courses that are related to the positions applied for.
  • Permission A or A1, 3 points. Driving license, just one point.

Post oppositions requirements

Post Office Logo

  • Be at least 18 years old and not having reached 65 years of age.
  • Compulsory Secondary Education Certificate, or the School Graduate and Any other official degree that may replace the first degree.
  • Not having any type of work that is fixed with the Post Office.
  • Not having been fired or separated from the service.
  • Have the powers that are needed to perform the required functions.
  • Have Spanish nationality, or at least be a citizen of the European Union. Have the work papers always in order, to perform the job.
  • To be a postal delivery person, you need the A, A1 or B card.

How to sign up for the Correos competitive exam

Post office bikes

The inscriptions for the oppositions of Correos will be made through its official page. Once the application period is over, we can register online. To register, you must follow several steps:

  • You will enter the page of, then you will go to 'corporate information', 'Human resources', 'Employment' and finally to 'fixed personal income from work'.
  • The next step is the 'Application registration'. In this section, you will have to put your ID as well as a password, following the steps that the website offers you.
  • The third step are cover your personal data. Always check that all of them are correct and do not forget to read the privacy policy.
  • Now you will have to select the province where you want to work, as well as the job to which you aspire.
  • At finish registration, you have to pay the rates that are 13 euros. Yes, before it was 10 euros but they have gone up. The payment method is by card. When the payment has been verified, you will receive a request identifier and proof of payment.

Other types of documents as well as the titles that you have, will not be necessary at this point, but will be required in future phases. Of course, to make any changes, you will have to cancel the previous request and fill out a new one again.

Postal staff salaries

The truth is that the issue of salaries is always one of the frequently asked questions. It must be said that the final figure can always vary. Since it will depend on extra pay, seniority, position and other factors to take into account. But still, we have the approximate amounts to give you an idea:

  • Executive staff: Within this type of staff we will find the work of manipulator, translator, mobile services, operator, etc. All of them have a salary that ranges from 1300 to 1500 euros.
  • Base official staff: A little lower is the salary of this staff. But it is true that it varies very little, so we are talking about 1200 to 1400 euros. This is said to be the basic or regular salary.
  • Sorting and distribution staff: Both the head of the district and the classifier or the distribution on foot have a salary between 1100 and 1300 euros. The same as the junior staff.
  • Helper staff: In this case, the assistant staff will have a salary of 1080 and 1200 euros.

Post Office agendas

The syllabus for the Correos oppositions consists of 13 common topics that you should know:

  • Topic 1: Ordinary and / or registered postal services, as well as the products to which they refer.
  • Topic 2: Focused on the e-Commerce and parcel part.
  • Topic 3: Business values ​​and many other additions, as well as additional services.
  • Topic 4: Diversification of labor competencies, work carried out in post offices.
  • Topic 5: Digital Management: Data and administrative in Correos.
  • Topic 6: Other services and various products.
  • Topic 7: Admission process.
  • Topic 8: Treatment of packages, transport regulations.
  • Topic 9: Delivery protocol.
  • Topic 10: Corporate material (Tools such as PDA's, IRIS and many others essential for the performance of the worker in his position or for the functions that he carries out.
  • Topic 11: Customer service and treatment: The relationship with the same, how to have a quality treatment that benefits the image of the company.
  • Topic 12: Business organization, legal framework of the company and commercial strategy to follow.
  • Topic 13: Terms of equality between sexes and legal knowledge corresponding to gender violence at work. Prevention of money laundering and transparency, ethical commitment and the information treaty in terms of security (LOPD).

All these topics belong to the common or theoretical part. But in addition, you will have to pass the psychotechnics. For this, you have the syllabus books, which are always up to date and also another with everything you need to be able to overcome the psychotechnical part. Don't forget to practice with some mock exams, as well as other types of material that will help you in the preparation of the multiple choice exam. Separately or together, they will be the perfect option to be able to put the batteries in order to get your place.

Advantages of working in Correos


There are many advantages of working at Correos. It is an opposition that is offered by provinces. Therefore, you can select yours, as well as the position to play. His salary is quite suitable so that it is also another of the advantages to take into account. Since, the lowest will go over 1000 euros.

The work schedules to be performed are also important when taking them into account. Being full or part time. For both there are always places available. In addition, we must think that we are facing a permanent job and for life, with all that this entails. If you show up but don't get your place, you have another option. You can enter the Post Office Job Bank. You can access it and you will work in a timely manner, but it is true that this will be counted in the merits part.