How to finish the doctoral thesis on schedule

How to finish the doctoral thesis on schedule

There is a relatively frequent reality in the doctorate. The doctoral student postpones the end of the thesis. In many cases, because he is a victim of his own idealization of what it means to do a job of these characteristics. The moment of defend work before the thesis tribunal produces reasonable nervousness.

However, you cannot aspire to make a work without any type of error. Your work can be improved, it is that of all doctoral students. And that doesn't mean they haven't done a great job.

It tienes scholarship To carry out your research, then, the final term of the scholarship period can motivate you to also finish your work and focus on the job market.

How to finish your job on schedule

1. Talk to your thesis director about your purpose to finish the job on that date. You need the collaboration of your director since he makes the corrections of the work. Communicate your goal to finish.

2. Specify your objectives. For example, specify when you are going to have each chapter finished. It is convenient to organize a large project in smaller sections.

3. Establish your own daily goals. For example, write 1500 words a day. Often times, writing is the great pending issue for doctoral students who are blocked by the vertigo of the blank page. If you are in the thesis review phase, then congratulations because you already have a lot of work done. However, now you also have a long way to go to polish the text by eliminating what does not add value, correcting possible errors and adding a footnote.

4. Your workplace should be where the main bibliography that you have consulted for your work. For example, in the university library.

How to finish your job

5. Work more now because then you can rest. If you are in the final stage of your thesis, this may be a good work philosophy. It is possible that your days go on forever, however, this effort has its main compensation in the enjoyment of finishing.

6. Mark in red on the calendar the date on which you want to finish your thesis. Look at that date as a turning point in your life. Take this at face value, that is, look at the time after that date as a time to commit to other projects. Start thinking this way because true motivation comes from mental attitude.

Commissioned doctoral theses

Sadly, the black market has also reached the field of doctoral theses, as shown by the example of those companies that have writers who are in charge of writing theses for other people in exchange for financial compensation. Erase this possibility from your mind: your thesis has to be yours, if it does not have your essence, then the title does not make sense.

Stop making excuses: "Not perfect"," I could add more bibliography "," I think it's worth spending more time on it "... For an eternal perfectionist, work is never perfect enough. Therefore, assume that the members of the court will give you constructive criticism but instead of seeing this as something negative that reflects deficiencies in your work, observe this in its positive part. Those observations will help you improve.

But the most important thing is willpower. If you've made it this far, think that the best thing that can happen to you is to finish this job.

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