FPU Scholarships for University Teacher Training

FPU scholarships

Many professionals decide to pursue a doctorate after completing their undergraduate studies. Through the realization of the doctoral thesis, develop new skills as researchers. They get involved in a long-term project. And in this project of do the doctorate It is not only important to have the enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to carry out this mission that, in many cases, is so vocational.

Those professionals who envision themselves working as professors at the university or who wish to specialize in the branch of research, can value this professional itinerary. But in the decision to study a doctorate there are other aspects that also intervene in the final deliberation.

Completion of the doctorate at the university

Each PhD student has their own circumstances. Sometimes this motivation of study a doctorate It may be conditioned by having a scholarship that supports the project and allows the student to concentrate on that objective of advancing in their object of study.

In addition to having a thesis director, select a topic of interest, follow a methodology and specify the details of the project in the action plan, the student can also apply to apply for those scholarships for which they meet the requirements of the call.

The purpose of the FPU scholarships of University Teacher Training is to offer support through a pre-doctoral contract modality to thesis projects that not only strengthen the competences of the doctoral student, but the final project also constitutes a contribution of knowledge that enriches society. There are different requirements that the doctoral student must meet to qualify for this type of aid. These grants are intended for students who carry out their research in the departments of Spanish universities.

Those doctoral students who have this scholarship have this support for an approximate period of four years. Time in which they can perfect their thesis, concentrate on writing the chapters, develop conclusions and implement the necessary improvements for the defense of the project on the day of the examination before the thesis tribunal. By completing this learning process, the student obtains the title of doctor and records this information on his / her resume.

Doctoral thesis

How to choose a thesis supervisor

The doctoral student must have a thesis supervisor who has a Ph.D. degree and who is part of the university institution in which the student is studying. The completion of a thesis is a long-term project. And so many things can change in this intervening time that the professional may not finish the project if he or she does not have one. scholarship. The purpose of this and other grants for this purpose is to value research work for its contribution to society.

This thesis supervisor accompanies the doctoral student in this training process. A thesis direction work that is also closely linked to mentoring since as a professional he shares his experience with the researcher he guides.

The support of a scholarship of these characteristics not only allows the professional to focus on this project that is integrated into their work plan, but this data also constitutes a merit of the curriculum that the future Doctor will be able to write down in their cover letter to seek employment .

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