How to avoid opposition anxiety

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Stress is something normal in the student's life and even more so if you have to combine different types of stress: work, family and academic stress. Stress seems a negative thing since it produces a lot of anxiety, but both stress and anxiety do not have to be bad companions if you know how to cope well and channel them so that they help you instead of being an obstacle that makes you waste your time, and nerves.

If you are studying an exams and there is little time left for the tests, it is more than likely that you feel stressed and may anxiety be present in your life. And it is that all the effort that you are making in your studies and all the sacrifice that you make in your personal life you are going to translate into an exam and tests that can mark your future and take you on a path or another totally different from the one you are now same you wait.

A little stress is not bad because will help you increase the productivity of your studies and what you have to do in your day to day. On the other hand, an excess of stress or poorly managed stress can make you feel blocked and waste too much time, a time that can undoubtedly be gold for you.

Control anxiety

The anxiety that causes anxiety has to be controlled with techniques that will help you to be calmer and be able to be more calm. There are some techniques like meditation, breathing techniques (which are great and you can do anytime, anywhere), yoga, etc. These techniques will help you feel much better if you do them daily, not just in the weeks leading up to the exam.

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You must remember that preparing an exam has nothing to do with preparing an exam from any branch of university. An opposition is an opportunity to have a public job and forever, that is why it is normal that you feel more anxious than normal, but that anxiety will have to be controlled.

Don't look at the clock

The ideal is not to look at the clock but yes look at the calendar. By this I mean that you will have to set some study guidelines that you will have to follow depending on your lifestyle. If you know how to divide your study according to the available time you have, you can feel much calmer because you will have an organization according to your time and availability.

Take care of your body and your mind

In your study moments you will have to have rest times, sleep 7 to 8 hours a day in a row and that there is at least one day a week that you do not dedicate to study at all, because your mind also needs to relax and focus on other things in order to "recharge the batteries". This will make your mind relax and the knowledge you are acquiring will be better assimilated.

Preparing for an opposition is as important as taking care of your body and mind. If your body and mind are not well taken care of, your studies will be of no use and you will be wasting your time. Do not forget to exercise daily (or alternate days) and eat a balanced diet so that you do not lack protein or anything that could impair the work of your mind.

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Tips to avoid anxiety

It is important that during the days before the exam you avoid caffeine as much as possible from your diet, because if you do not sleep well before the exam you will be losing very important concentration skills. In addition, the day before the oppositions try to be relaxed and not make excessive efforts.

In the last week, fulfill your study schedule without any delay, remember that it is very important that you review everything you have learned in the previous weeks. In addition, in the days before the oppositions, to avoid anxiety, you will have to have all the syllabus well looked at and studied so that the last days are only for review.

Remember that physical exercise will also help you to be more active and have a clearer mind, so you should not put aside exercise time to add it to study time, if you do, you will realize that it is less productive and also harmful to your mind.

Your mind will help you to be right or wrong, so try that the thoughts that invade your mind are only positive thoughts. And of course do not forget to do relaxation and breathing techniques because once you learn to do them they will not only help you in your oppositions, but they will accompany you throughout your life.

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