Requirements for high school honors and its advantages

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If as a student you receive an honors degree you can be happy because it is the highest grade you can have. For many it seems an impossible goal to achieve but in reality with determination and perseverance it can be available to anyone. This qualification can be obtained by a subject or a course, it is a recognition both for the work and for the average grade obtained, the best of all is that it has great advantages.

Requirements to obtain an honors degree

Obtaining an honors degree in high school is easier to do in one or several subjects with determination and effort than to do it as a global mark, since then the maximum marks should be obtained in all subjects.

This mention is only given to the brightest foods as an extraordinary prize and the advantage that most like is the exemption of the payment of the tuition fees in the first year of university studies and selectivity.

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Achieving an average grade of 9 in the overall of all the subjects will be able to access the assessment of an honorable mention. But this mention is not granted to everyone even if they have these qualifications since it is only awarded to 5% of the total number of students enrolled in the subject or course, so an assessment of the brightest students would be made before awarding This award.

It's not just for the smartest

If you think that this mention is only for the most intelligent students, you are wrong because it is also necessary to take into account the perseverance, effort and application of each one to obtain it.  If you want to obtain an honors degree in your high school studies, the ideal is that you go to a psychopedagogue or an academy of studies so that they can provide you with the study techniques that best suit you.

The best thing also about the honors degree in addition to the exemption of payments is that you will not be exempt from being able to request regular scholarships for university studies. Therefore, you can pay much less and qualify for significant savings on your studies.

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Advantages of obtaining an honors degree in Baccalaureate

If you are one of the lucky ones to have obtained an honors degree in Baccalaureate thanks to your effort and tenacity, then you will want to know in more detail what are the advantages of having obtained this special mention.

The first year of university, tuition is free

As all efforts have their reward, if you receive an honorary degree, you can have free registration for any career you choose. Depending on the career you choose, the enrollment can increase considerably, so if you have an honors degree It will mean a good saving to take the degree you want regardless of the price.

Selectivity won't cost you money

But before entering the university you will have to do the selectivity, although after obtaining an honors degree, what is clear is that you will not have problems because you already know what it is like to study with determination and perseverance. If you have the honors in Baccalaureate it will not cost you money to do it and you will not have to pay for any selectivity exam (It costs between 70 and 100 euros to do it depending on the community you are in).

You will have a better evaluation to request a scholarship

As you know, even if you have an honors degree, this is not a problem to apply for scholarships, so when you ask for them you will have a better assessment in the public administration than if you had not had it.

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Having honors at the University also has a prize

If you are already in university and you already know what it is to study with determination and effort, you may also have the possibility of obtaining an honors degree and it is also rewarding to achieve it. If you get honors in a subject at the university, in the next enrollment you will not pay the same credits that you have taken in that subject. For example, if the subject you have taken with honors is 12 credits, then in the next enrollment you will save 12 credits and you will not pay them, that is, they will be deducted from the price of the final registration.

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  1.   Jose Miguel Ruiz placeholder image said

    Can you tell me from where you have obtained this information that with Honor enrollment you do not pay selectivity? After reading this information we have gone to the University of Huelva, because my son has an Honors registration and has had to pay Selectividad and they have told us not to have any evidence of this, so they ask me to take them from where we have obtained this information , to check it and act accordingly.

    Can you provide me with some information about it?

    Thank you

    1.    maria jose roldan said

      You have an email 😉

      1.    Antia said

        Hello, I also have an honors degree and they have told me that I have to pay selectivity. Where do you get the information from? Thank you

    2.    carol said

      in Leon I had to pay like the others

  2.   Jose said

    I have an honors degree in 2nd year of high school and they have told me that the fee to pay for the selectivity exams must be paid.
    That this is only valid for enrolling in the University.
    Specifically in Andalusia (Jaen)

  3.   sun said

    I got a 10 in Latin in the first year of high school and they haven't given me anything

    1.    Pedro said

      My daughter got an average of 9,7 in the second year of high school, does she have the right to honor matriculation and if so, do I have to claim it? Thanks if someone can help me I would appreciate it

  4.   Eva said

    Could you give me more specific information about this topic?

  5.   Ana said

    My daughter obtained honors in Asturias in 2nd Baccalaureate and here in Asturias she had to pay the fees for the EBAU entrance exams and in Asturian universities she will have to pay tuition Apparently here they do not reward the boys who make an effort It seems very, very sad to me ... They should be ashamed, it must be the only autonomy that treats its young people like that

    1.    Alberto said

      I do not know where this girl gets these gossip but it is not true that they pay you the selectivity if you get honors.

  6.   Fernando said

    If you study more than one degree, do you still have free registration for the first year with honor registration?

  7.   Maika said

    My daughter had tuition and paid the Ebau fees.