Rights and duties of students

Student fulfilling her rights and duties

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. high school students have a series of rights and duties that must be fulfilled So that there is a good functioning in the center but in addition to that, society and they themselves must not forget that all students also have a series of rights that must be respected and that are fundamental for their development and for their academic success.

Therefore, children and adolescents have a series of rights that are recognized in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The rights and duties of students must be respected by everyone and they have been expanding since the first Geneva Declaration of 1924.

Among these rights of students is that of receive academic training that meets quality standards. Boys and girls must have the opportunity to access a good training so that they can thus have the necessary foundations to be able to reach adult life successfully.

Taking into account the (LOE / 2/2006, of May 3, and art. 3.4 Decree 15/2007, of April 19) we know that all students have the same rights and duties, with no other distinctions other than those derived from their age and the level they are studying at the school.

It is very important that students know the Spanish Constitution and also the respective Statute of Autonomy that corresponds to them according to the place where they reside so that in this way they know what are the values ​​and principles that they must follow in our society.

Rights of students in secondary school

Some of the basic rights and duties of students that must be met are:

  • Right to receive comprehensive training that is appropriate for the development of the personality and that contributes to their personal and academic development
  • Right to be respected in all aspects - identity, integrity, dignity-
  • Right to have the student's dedication, effort and performance valued and recognized
  • Right to receive educational and professional guidance
  • Right to have freedom of conscience respected
  • Right to physical and moral protection
  • Right to participate in the life of the educational center - following the rules-
  • Right to receive help and precise support to compensate for the deficiencies and disadvantages that may be suffered from a personal, family, economic or sociocultural nature.
  • Right to receive precious aids and supports in the event of Special Educational Needs that prevent or hinder access or permanence in the educational system, at any level.
  • Right to social protection in education
  • Students may associate based on rules and in accordance with what is established by Law
  • Right to the meeting of students with adequate conditions in the center

Estos son los de algunos basic rights that students should have in all educational centers where it is taught secondary educationIn this way, the adequate development of students in educational centers can be guaranteed. But to complete the information a little and that you better understand what this of the rights and duties of the students is, do not miss the following points.

How many exams can be done in one day by law?

The truth is that it is not clear. It is the educational centers that establish the number of exams that are taken each day. Usually, no more than 2 are made per day.

Right to receive equal treatment, as well as the right to be integrated into the academic center

Students' rights

Students must be treated equally regardless of their origin, beliefs or any other aspect. All people are the same and that is what should be promoted in educational centers. Equality in rights.

Right to participate in school activities (inside and outside the center) and to use the center's facilities

Students must be able to participate in all school activities that take place both inside and outside the school center. They can use the facilities of the center for this purpose and therefore feel part of an educational community such as their school.

Right to enjoy adequate protection against all types of aggression (physical or psychological) or violation of their rights

All students when they come to the educational center should feel safe and protected at all times. All professionals who work in the educational center must ensure that this happens. In the event that there are physical or psychological aggressions between people at the center - both students and professionals - all necessary measures must be taken so that this situation ceases and that students and teachers feel safe at all times.

Right to express and present their opinions, to meet and associate

Freedom of opinion is a right that cannot be denied to anyone. Everyone has the right to be able to express and present their opinions, to meet and associate under the provisions of Organic Law 8/1985 dated July 3, which contemplates the rights to education.

Right to receive training based on environmental awareness and care for natural resources

High school student fulfilling her rights and duties

All students have the right to receive an education and training that is based on caring for our planet. Children are our future and the planet depends on us, but also on them. Respect and care for the environment are essential.

Right to have their beliefs and ideologies respected and to have their moral principles and convictions taken into account

Each person will have cultural beliefs or ideologies that must be taken into account and above all, must be respected. Coexistence and harmony between people is based on respect and mutual tolerance and therefore, this right is more than fundamental in the society in which we currently live.

The right to receive training that considers your ability, your pace of learning and your effort

Not all students have the same learning ability or pace, therefore, tAll must have quality training according to their abilities or rhythm. For education to be successful it will be very important to meet the personal needs of each of the students.

In addition, it is also essential to right to have technological means (such as internet) used in the educational methodology and that are intended for students and the right to receive advice and guidance through the figure of the school counselor in higher education and based on certain professional opportunities.

Do you have any doubts about the Rights and duties of students that exist today? If so, leave us a comment and we will help you.

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  1.   jasmine said

    they have the right to speak

    1.    Brenda said

      They also have the right to write well. Orthographically speaking !! Illiterate

      1.    Mirta said

        Also or also Brenda ??

      2.    Alice said

        And you say it your Brenda, that you have also written instead of also. If in this life you only know how to insult, you have it clear.

        1.    Immaculate Llanes Lopez said

          Do we have the right to know the program of the subjects?

      3.    William said

        If you make fun of their spelling mistakes, at least learn to differentiate between »Also» and »Tambuen» and use the exclamation marks well, that we are not gringos to use them at the end of the sentence

      4.    Miguel said

        My 16-year-old son is sent home with various computer tasks.
        But for various reasons he does not have how to do them. I don't have a pc or tablet.
        The school does.
        His teacher tells him that he does not make them at home.
        He will fail the subject.
        Can do it ?
        What I can do ?
        Thank you.

  2.   eduardo said

    excuse me, the teacher can force the student to come to the front if he does not want to

    1.    Eduardo Ibarra said

      It depends on what activity

    2.    Nahum said

      Hello, they can't, depending on the case, for example my son does not go through religion

  3.   veronica said

    hello .my step son resides in March, at school they do not respect his place in the morning, they pass him in the afternoon, I can claim his place

  4.   libny priscilla said

    Here where I study, some teachers can treat him badly and nothing is done to me, one of them treats me so badly that my heart is very recent, I don't want to go to study, they speak, they speak without thinking and without knowing the great damage they cause

    1.    vartolomeo said

      If you can do it as long as it is not too far from the house!

    2.    Why do you want to see it xd? said

      hello I don't remember how to breathe

    3.    Why do you want to see it xd? said

      hello I don't remember how to breathe

  5.   esteban said

    good to my son he was accused of something bad the teacher when she saw him cry she told him to stop doing that show or I will expel him

  6.   roberto said

    Do teachers have to give their students a certain period of study to be able to evaluate or can they do it whenever they want?

    1.    Eduardo Ibarra said

      It is only a maximum of 1 week only

  7.   Esteban said

    Do we students have the right to choose the educational center in which we want to study?

  8.   serious comment said

    Excuse me, if a teacher sanctions with, for example, a memorandum, for silly things or out of place such as, for example, sanctioning because you did not deliver a work when in fact you did but the teacher lost it and thought that you did not deliver it and for That reason sanctions you, and that it has not happened once but more than five times, that that teacher sanctions you for something that is out of place. Knowing also that that memorandum that they have put to that student can harm the grades and the academic future of any person. Considering that the higher authorities have approved that memorandum, no matter how out of place it may have been. Would that teacher violate any right of that student?

  9.   Leonardo said

    In my school they advance the examination dates of previous subjects, it cannot be, I have less time to study, they had set a date that would be December 26, and today I went to request the examination permits and I found that I give it on the 18th! what should i do in that case? do I have any rights?

    1.    Mercedes said

      Hello, I would like to know to what extent a teacher can insult a student and not let him pass to his class

  10.   dani said

    Last year promotions count as a right?

    1.    hernan said

      if you take it into account

  11.   aldo said

    aaa loas teacher do not have to pass se heee

  12.   Pillar said

    My son is studying 4th of ESO and has been expelled from the institute for 7 days for demanding that I teach him the religion exam since the teacher said it was suspended and my son says that he had approved it with a 5 the teacher refused and my The son started crying saying that he comes down to talk to the director, the teacher got on the defensive yelling at him and some teachers came and in the end the one who was expelled was my son and this teacher started to laugh because he had won. I think the punishment has been unfair, I would like someone to tell me what to do.

    1.    read said

      you can report it to the educational council
      Even though my comment is a little late

      1.    AN RODRIGUEZ said

        My daughter went to take geography three times and the teacher did not approve it and had already told her that you have to come 8 times I went to talk to the director and she told me that she cannot change her teacher, the truth is I don't know what to do. The exam the same day that his grandfather had died and we went to talk to the director and in reality he did not solve anything and it is a religious school I do not know what to do

    2.    Gabriella said

      Report the teacher for what he did to your child

  13.   light valer ccahua said

    My son is not comfortable in the classroom because the behavior of his classmates is terrible. Does he have the right to change the classroom?

  14.   Lorraine said

    Hello, my daughter is in the 6th year of high school, last year they decided to spend her in the afternoon for answering a teacher badly, and the directors told me that if she passed without taking any subject and without having problems they would save her vacancy in the morning, Today he is working from 15:21 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. and he cannot attend in the afternoon, take the proof of work and they told me that he has to wait for the other boys to render to see if it was vacant in the shift tomorrow, they did not respect what was said, and Today the classes begin after the strike and nobody calls me to know if she is going to go tomorrow, but they have told me that I change her school. I would like to know if the school has an obligation to consider the case and reincorporate her to the shift tomorrow, or else what should I do, thank you.

  15.   Salt said

    I ask my philosophy teacher yells at us a lot but she doesn't use bad words, is that illegal?

  16.   George said

    Hello if I have problems with my teacher, how can I solve them? She says a lot of rudeness, she literally pulled the hair of the students, she says rudeness, and humiliates someone to look good with the group, in fact she humiliated me in front of all my classmates, and when a friend wanted to support me, I also yelled at him and told him things, she to retaliate when one argues with her, evaluates her different qualification, for example I tend to talk constantly, and stop from my place, but it is not because I want to, if not that I am hyperactive, and the teacher brings it against me since she tells me, I will evaluate you differently, if you stop or talk, I reprimand you, and it is unfair to me since there are people who speak more that I even shout and do what they want, they don't work and if they don't tell them anything anymore, what can I do?

  17.   SOFIA said

    Students have the right to request a meeting with directors, parents and the cooperating commission to see what is done with the cooperator's money, because of the institution it is in poor condition, it is a technical school and we do not have tools.
    Beyond the tools, the bathrooms are disgusting.

    Can the cooperator of the institution be made up of all active teachers?

  18.   jared martinez said

    Excuse me, the assistant principal has the right to yell at the students

  19.   Natalia said

    Hi, I'm in the 5th year of high school and I have a teacher who has a preference for some of my classmates because they have important surnames or because their parents are teachers and classmates of hers, and for other students, not us, who do not have anything like that. «Common» gives us marks lower than 6 in the notebook, as for example, last year I got a 9 in the tests and I put 6 in the notebook and others who got less or who do nothing and play 8, he questions that we skip classes sometimes, but in reality she is absent most of the year and puts replacement and we get good grades with her and when the teacher comes she puts the grade she wants ... the truth is that with teachers like her you don't want to attend the school that is discrimination ... I would like an opinion from you

  20.   monica said

    Hello, my son is in 2nd grade. high school, but he has a pneumatic problem, he is very distracted, I am already treating him with a psychologist, a pediatric psychiatrist and I am waiting to be transferred to a neurologist, almost all the teachers have supported me in evaluating him, but the math teacher In fact, he has not commented that I pay for it to be diagnosed and last year it went to extraordinary and to the third step, but now the teacher told my son that he will check if they can cancel the exam that he passed from extraordinary, for That he thinks he bribes. The problem is that he says everything to my son, and every time I go he does not tell me anything, he is a despotic and rude teacher, what do I do?

  21.   Naty said

    Hello I would like to ask a question! What happens if the school violates the rights of the students? And what can be done to try to fix them?
    In my case, they violated this right of mine as a Student (–Right to enjoy adequate protection against all types of aggression (physical or psychological) or violation of their rights)

  22.   suhail galindo said

    Hello, my daughter was accused of stealing some keys from a teacher when they found them from another student and the principal expelled her from school and she returns to finish high school again because I am going to speak with the secretary of secondary schools when she returns all Teachers tell him that he runs out of school on his own account, he receives a lot of insults even from the assistant principal and nobody believes what they say until the authorities protect the teachers and to spend the last year he denies the enrollment saying that the Council decided to expel her and aside she is defaming the students

  23.   suhail galindo said

    Hello to my daughter, she was accused of stealing some keys from a teacher when they found them from another student and the principal expelled her from school and she returns again to finish high school because I am going to speak with the secretary of secondary schools when she returns all Teachers tell him that on his account he runs out of school, he receives a lot of insults even from the assistant principal and no one believes what they say until the authorities protect the teachers and to spend the last year he denies the enrollment saying that the Council decided to expel her and aside she is slandering the student

  24.   walter said

    Hello, I am a 3rd year high school student and the academic coordinator of my school is also an arts teacher and while she was giving us an arts class she told us that you want to raise the student level and that is why they changed the passing minimum from 6 to 8, too He said that if we do not reach 8 we will not have extraordinary or extra jobs, he said that if we do not reach 8, which is the minimum, we will be expelled from school. Can we do that? And can we stay after school and during homework breaks? But they force us to stay not because we want to

  25.   Jessica said

    Hello, I am a 2nd year high school student ... It is not my problem, not a teacher's problem, a new assistant principal has arrived, but she is bad in the aspect that she raises false testimonies from a teacher ... Most of the school are witnesses From what the assistant principal says about her classes, the teacher's behavior is FALSE, my classroom is gathering signatures from us and parents, but I want to know how a superior of the school could violate my rights if he realizes that I was the one who the signatures started and I called the address ... I hope and they understood me ...
    Thank you for your answer as soon as possible ... Thank you ...

  26.   Victoria Melendez-Barbosa said

    In a secondary school in Iztapalapa, a teacher sells protection to the students, his word is more valid than that of the principal herself, I am afraid of reprisals against my daughter, if I discuss this with the corresponding authorities.
    In addition, a teacher threatened the students of having given an extraordinary exam so that no one would pass it and did not give grades because no one had passed it, according to her, when asking at the school's subdirectorate, they informed me that few had passed it but that the student should ask, not the teachers inform. The bad thing is that the majority remain silent because both the management and the sub-management overlap this situation. What can I do, since my own daughter says not to say something, so that they do not go against her?

    1.    vilma said

      HELLO: my daughter attends 4th year, yesterday the teacher sent me a note, saying that my daughter had been graded with a 1 x being doing homework in another subject, that the previous month she had already caught her attention x the same. I want to know if it corresponds to qualify her like this x something that she calculates that she was doing. At no time did he ask her for the work she was giving, to see if she was doing it. She can't stand my daughter and at this time of year it totally hurts her that I can do. Please answer me urgently. I feel helpless and in impeccion are always in favor of the teacher and the children are to blame because they do not know how to defend themselves.

  27.   Rossy said

    Can a student be expelled for accumulating various reports? So you lose your right to continue studying?

  28.   julian said

    Hello, my name is Julian and I am in the first year of high school. I have a math teacher who likes to look for problems. The other days they were throwing tisas and they messed up my clothes and I am sanctioned and she told me that she would do everything possible to push me out of stability.

    1.    LOLA said


      1.    rossemary sanchez cruz said

        Hello, I want to know if the school may not want to enroll students who do not have a good behavior

    2.    ANDI said


  29.   Karla Ibarra said

    I think that to have a good secondary school they should do as a student council to improve the school, I can speak very easily and express myself in a very good way, if I were a director I would change the dynamics of study, because as a student I know that school is boring and more in adolescence because what one wants is to become, and I have many classmates who do not like the way they teach us, sometimes not even the teacher understands what he says, and there are others who do not explain us and nobody is satisfied with that :(
    And another thing, I mean they want a quality education and what quality is not giving in government, there children who sit on the floor, others who have no books and will see the solons or want to go to school give :( and just as we will have a quality education

  30.   gisela said

    and for example I have a problem that they do not value me the same as some other student that I can do ……. or to whom I can turn.

  31.   emerald said

    Hi, I had a question, the students can be free to have a relationship at school.
    because a counselor whenever she sees them kissing takes them to the

  32.   Damian said

    If I take a subject and the teacher has me as a point for more what concerns me, I need one point to pass. Can I claim that I take another teacher?

  33.   araceli oliveres lopez said

    Until today, I have been requesting my daughter's first year of high school's ballot for 8 months and the school chamber of commerce violates her student rights since the sep does not do anything either and they barely give me information that I do not accredit the first year that it is done In these cases, after so long it is not the right thing to do, much less the right thing to do, since she is currently in second grade.

  34.   Patty said

    What can I do if the math teacher failed my son in the second evaluation according to her because I did not give him a scale, even knowing that my son had suffered an accident and could not walk. the exam had a value of 60% and my son obtained 58% and that grade I leave him. The problem is that now they applied a standardized assessment for high school students and all students including my son failed. It is not fair or ethical or professional on the part of the teacher and managers who allow all students to fail a subject. Why then did the teacher work during the two-month period that no student could pass the subject? In addition, according to agreement 696 that refers to the evaluation and accreditation of students, the teacher must apply a project that allows students not to fail and recover grades .

  35.   gretel said

    My daughter finished 6th year of secondary school and she had a subject that she gave her poorly now in February, the next table will be given to her from March 15, but she has time to enroll in the cbc until March 13. I can demand a table for that date to the school?

  36.   Ivaney said

    Where can I report the professor?

  37.   Analia Veronica Gavilán said

    Good morning, you can force my son to change shifts when he has an excellent behavior, respects the uniform and has good grades, justifying that there are many in the course and they made a lottery and he left. thanks in advance !!!!

  38.   Miracles Belen Silva said

    I am going to second year of secondary school. Can a teacher teach a student without having heard his story?

  39.   juder castle said

    The case started like this: because one day the teachers arrived and searched backpacks and the teacher took my cell phone from me.
    If he reached into my backpack, he is violating my right to privacy and he is also taking over my cell phone since until today they do not return my cell phone to me.


    They kept my son waiting in the holl at the entrance of his school, they did not let him enter their classroom, because he had not cut his hair (school type, as they say), when in reality they want him to cut himself like a military man .
    The fact is that he missed two hours of class, while waiting, if my husband had not gone to school, he probably would have spent that day without entering his classroom (without classes). Is this an abuse?… What to do in this situation? For a simple haircut they do not allow a student to enter their classroom… ..

  41.   lizs said

    Right to be heard

  42.   Carmen Pichardo said

    My son goes to high school and starting there, the director talks to them with peladeses and if one claims to find it from the young people I do not want to talk since my son leaves this year and then if I put him on he will not give me papers

  43.   Micaela said

    One question: in a subject I have been absent a lot, but I was always good with grades with 8, can I take the subject for having absent? Or does it count the times I have gone and my grade? Thanks

    1.    lo said

      Micaela, if you can be suspended, I have a friend who missed a me for a kidney operation and she was studying but still failed because they do not have enough notes or notes to approve it ……. That's what I think

  44.   lohad garner said

    I can refuse to sign a party's notice

  45.   Claudia gomez said

    Please help… can my 1st grade daughter be expelled for her blue hair? It's just the tips. What can I do? I think no one is offended by that and she is a good student with no discipline or grade problems

  46.   Beto Anaya said

    Information for night high schools and reporting student abuse

  47.   EDGARDO said


  48.   Alan Ramirez said

    If the section does not like a Spanish teacher, can a teacher change be made?

  49.   Camilo said

    Hello, I am in the tenth grade. About a month ago that I entered the school, they made certain changes that have affected me, one of those is that they changed my room after having spent all my school life with my classmates who stayed in another course, how can I claim to be transferred in the course of all my academic training?

  50.   Geraldine said

    Hello, this being forced to change my shift, course and building just because "there is no more vacancy. When they should have saved my vacancy from the beginning, I have been at that school for three consecutive years. My behavior is acceptable, I do not have a complaint from a teacher, my dress is appropriate and I am approved in everything. If I am not mistaken this in all my right to demand the change in the morning and the building, but where? That is, where should I go to make my complaint?

  51.   Carmen Acedo said

    Hello. My daughter has a previous 5th year geography, graduated in 2014, we are from Cba capital where the secondary is 6 years old. I present practical works in 6 which were rejected by the Professor without giving explanations or showing them. At 20 my daughter still cannot pass this subject. My question is: can a teacher fail a student so many times without any justification?

  52.   Pepe said

    I urgently need to know what to do, I am extremely worried, I had to take my daughter out of the school where she was going due to an economic streak, I don't want her to miss the school year, she has a semester to finish high school, what do I need to do or how do I help me

  53.   Jaime Saavedra said

    It is normal or permitted for a second year high school student who has a week and days in class to be changed rooms without problem and has already been studying at the institution for five years.

    1.    rossana said

      Hello, I hope you will answer me… ..I have my son in school already studying the 2nd high school… .with this, it has been 5 years that he is in that institution… .the reason for my concern ... is the fact that already having 3 weeks of classes they have changed it to another parallel without telling me the reason or the cause itself …… he has everything covered with the happy covers and many homework and tutorials already planted .. due to the fact that in that institution there are 2 baccalaureate sciences and in which they do not give the same ... be very careful
      You feel disoriented and of course discouraged… .and the teachers only say to see how you catch up…. They have made me sign a paper in which I am aware that they have changed it …… but clarify that I am upset. As if they were some shoes ... help me I need guidance because I am selected ... they would have done it from the beginning
      Thank you very much….

  54.   juan pablo said

    Hello, I am a student of 11th year of high school and for the first time I was late to school and my class teacher did not allow me to enter I want to know if there are any articles or laws that support us in these cases, thank you, I hope a prompt response

  55.   Noel by Jesus Mares Valadez said

    Hello, my problem is that I fail arts and they have already applied two extraordinary ones to me and the teacher brings out other excuses that I have to dance in January and I already lost the registration to high school in this secondary school, they are embarrassed in not giving the certificate I have two brothers who do not They also entered high school because they put a lot of obstacles for the extraordinary and the arts teacher is the daughter of the director, I don't think he will encourage me to get the certificate. Thank you.

  56.   jorge eliecer loyal wheats said

    Well, a year and a half ago a student suffered a car accident where her father, mother, and another died, the 15-year-old girl was in poor condition, a lot has been done to her but the recovery is slow, this year her classmates will graduate, the institution wants to make a recognition. the question is to her and her father who was coordinator. The question is, what kind of recognition or recognition can be given to the girl? I am looking forward to your response

  57.   Nobody Solanye Bernabé Dueñas said

    I am a desperate mother, the rights of my son are being violated, who today is in the second year of computer science, with which they made the mistake of enrolling him in Science that happened last year and to this day they cannot correct the error. That was committed by the Secretary of the School because in this new educational system the school is in charge of enrolling them in the specialization that they choose in the tenth year, we parents no longer do these procedures, I realized since the beginning of the school year 2015 _2016 I have entered an application in The institution and the district do not solve that problem for me, time is passing I do not know what will happen when my son goes to third year of high school and cannot do the internships because it does not appear in the course that he is and all this situation has created an emotional and psychological discomfort because the specialization that he chose, which is computer science, was not respected

  58.   Miguel Perez said

    Because my son is denied enrollment in the liberating high school of Acarigua, the Portuguese state, just because he is fifteen years old and he is studying at that high school and he turned fifteen there studying and now when we are going to re-enroll the director refuses to Re-register him because he is fifteen years old, he says that it is a new law, that is, I would just like to be taken out of this doubt, does the child or adolescent have the right to study, yes or no, because I agree to implement a law that a child who is not studying and being fifteen years old, I went to look for a place in the first year and they denied him because of his age, but a child who is studying in that school has suffered an accident and has lost two lapses and the teachers and the principal will advise me that it was better to repeat the year and I accept and now they leave me so they cannot re-register it because a new law does not allow it I would like to know if that is fair in this country that supposedly we are ending illiteracy I am MiguelPerez and my son is Jose´ Gregario Perez and he was studying at the Libertador de Acarigua high school where they refuse to re-enroll him.

  59.   Miguel Perez said

    And I forgot to say that he lost the two Lapses was because he suffered an accident going to the high school five days into the school year and they had to perform an emergency brain operation at the Los Cedros de Acarigua clinic and it lasted five days in a coma and that is the reason why I have to repeat it and they do not want to accept it. Knowing what happened, and having proof of what happened, I would like an Orientation in this regard, I am Miguel Perez and my son Jose Gregario Perez.

  60.   jenny said

    Can they prohibit me from approaching my boyfriend inside the school?

  61.   Sergio Alejandro Gonzalez placeholder image said

    Good evening I am going to a night school CENS 239 I have attended 2nd year in 2015 and passed without duty taking all subjects in December they never made the pass of the grades and in 2016 I attended 3rd the last year I left due to personal problems and today they do not find My notes say that I owe 4 subjects that I have already taken now as they do not find any paper of mine or of the first year they want to give me the possibility of going back to the 1st year from the beginning at most from the 2nd year that I do to whom I claim from now I will thank your answer I don't have time to start high school again I want to finish I should be in the last year

  62.   Blas said

    Hello, I am the father of a girl who is in the 3rd year of ESO in the Valencian Community and for a few years I have been seeing many irregularities in the institute where my daughter attends, irregularities around the teaching staff and the practices of the center. An example is that some teachers openly threaten students, direct threat, that "either they do such a task at home, or they are suspended directly ...", or in case of a general strike they threaten to suspend them if they do that day of strike (to which they are entitled by law). From my point of view they are threats and coercion, and the children tell them their tutor, but they cover each other and in the end the only ones affected are the children.
    But the last case, I already see it as excessive and abusive, now they have held a photography contest with a company outside the center (FOTOPRIX) in which THEY ARE FORCED TO PARTICIPATE, under threat of suspense in case of not doing so, also forcing them to reveal some photos exclusively in that photographic workshop. My outrage is tremendous for several points, first and foremost for forcing my daughter to participate in a contest that she neither wants nor likes, love to coerce her by suspending her, secondly because they are taking away the little time she has left to lose in That contest, when she could take advantage of it for other things, study other subjects or read if she feels like it, SINCE IT IS HER FREE TIME AFTER HER STUDY DAY, they are hours outside of school hours, and third because on top of having to lose the Time, he has to develop the photos exclusively in FOTOPRIX, which we have 2 kilometers from home, when 100 meters away I have another photographer who can develop them for me, or even I, who have a printer to develop photographs.
    I could be counting many, many irregularities, such as the state of the BARRACONES where they teach, which is unfortunate, with leaks, getting cold and also forbidding them to have their jackets on ... or the favorable treatment of some students, who have been the same grade as others, they are rounded VERY upward, a 5,6 is not the same for one student as for another, both having the same exams, same homework ... etc, but one is better looked at by that teacher ... with a 5,6 one is rounded to 6 and the other is 5, 1 whole point difference ??? I don't know what criteria these teachers follow ...
    I would like to know your opinion and that someone could guide me to whom I should contact so that my complaints are heard and addressed, because I have even come to think of reporting all this to the court but I do not know if it is there or where I should report it. I think that mine is not unique and that many parents are in my situation, but sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of ignorance, nothing is done and we let the time go by, but I'm already tired of sitting around watching how they abuse our children, seeing as due to the neglect and negligence of some teachers and the direction of the study center, my daughter is very psychologically altered and sometimes even overwhelmed with so many duties that are sent home and that she does not even have time to go out to school. street to take the air, in addition to feeling threatened by some teachers (could this also be considered as BULLING but by teachers, or should it not "compare"?).
    Thank you very much for allowing me to express myself from here and I hope someone can give me a solution.

    1.    Luis Blanco said

      If he has touched your daughter or threatened her, you have the right to go to school and protest this catastrophe, it is important that you talk to the principal and her tutor. Take it very seriously And to the teachers who do this, if you see someone on the street give them a well deserved beating

  63.   Esteban said

    Excuse me, what should I do to request a class change, because in the type of class I am in, I do not have the ability to concentrate besides there are people with whom I have had problems and I am in 4th grade but I am in 4th 1 And how should I get them to change me to 4 ° 2?

  64.   channel standard said

    Hello, I have my daughter who missed an exam due to illness, presents a medical certificate and the teacher gives her 1 and does not want to take the test, is this okay?

  65.   Griselda said

    How and what right to claim for my son for a mistake at school now they want to return him a year ago and we are in the middle of the year, just because they say he owes subjects when they have let him pass the year, what should I do so that he does not turn it back?

  66.   jasmine luciano said

    Hello, what can I do in high school, where my brother was going, they zacar him a year ago and now that my mother wanted to go to write him, the principal did not accept it, what can I do in this case, he has already lost a year of study

  67.   I was going Jessica said

    Hello, my name is Jesica, my son is in the 4th year of high school, my question is does a teacher who went to his first class only prentto and gave a coexistence contract then went on sick leave two days ago I sent another person to notify them The students do or if they have to do a practical work to pass the subject, which I think is not right, today he has this teacher but he is not going because he is still on leave, my son does not have to do the work or if he is going On time and on time to school, it is the teacher who does not show up to give the hours that correspond

  68.   pelayo castells said

    I was at school talking to a friend in the hallway because he had my backpack in his locker and he needed the number of the lock, he started pushing me to make it class and I turned so he wouldn't touch me anymore, and then he yells at me with bad milk saying go up the stairs. Do I have the right to yell at him or beat him up? I'm 15 years old

  69.   estefani said

    Can a teacher force a student to attend vacation

  70.   Mercedes Hernandez Alvarado said

    Good evening my daughter can be suspended for a month and a half just for missing some classes

  71.   Bill said

    My son who is in 1st ESO has been suspended from the mathematics course, having to present himself with all the subject in ordinary call.
    Despite having the first two evaluations passed based on the bad attitude he has maintained throughout the course.
    Is this legal, that is, having two previously approved evaluations fail you for misbehavior?

  72.   paola lol said

    I want you to give me advice to answer a question that I do not know if it is unfair or fair My teacher who will not say his name was saying the names of the students who will stay in the course (the courses are when you are not well with your work and you must stay until the holidays) anyway, the problem is that they named me but he told me playing but my partner told him that he was being serious and he answered yes, so I answered him why he said that and here It is another thing we must add all the bimesters, we must get 30 points in total, in the matter of this master I took out 8.5,9.5 and 6.5,6.5 the 6.5 he told me that those were extra points and that he had given me 4 so if I add 8.5 + 9.5 + 5 + 5 = 27 and with what I will get in this last two-month period I am 30, but he told me that I had to stay to give them the 4 points while others should like up to 20 I do not know if he wanted to make me angry or he is right but in the way I think about it I think it's something unfair and it doesn't matter if I didn't have those 4points because it would still pass, plus the day another subject and I wanted him to review it but I did not accept it, I was begging him until I gave up. Please if you know about this I want you to tell me if it is fair or unfair. The story still continues but I will check it out here.
    Thank you :), who did take the time to read this and please if anyone knows about this tell me.

  73.   Maria Soria * Barrera said

    They can suspend my son 3 days in a row, because according to how I do not respect school supplies ...

  74.   Luchi EV said

    Hello, someone help me, can you send sanction tickets for non-compliance with the uniform when the students are taking an exam?

  75.   Laura said

    Hello, I would like to know what I can do if in my daughter's high school I took a perfect video while she was changing her clothes and not only her but several girls my daughter felt that her privacy was violated I need to know what measures to take on that person

    1.    Bhardal Cahancre said

      Hello Laura, I don't know what country you are from? but in Mexico it is called pornography and it is a crime punishable by imprisonment.

  76.   Veronica said

    Hello, my daughter has a small maturational delay and everything costs her more than the others, the problem is that she started 1st year of high school and has an English teacher who only copies on the blackboard and they have to deduce with the dictionary, without No explanation of the issue, I am paying private and there is no case, the letter of the blackboard is not understood either and my daughter gets frustrated, asks what she says or what to do and tells them that they feel that they have it rotten, we made a report the parents because even on very cold days they open the classroom windows and cry in class ... that is, this woman has some little problems. From the school officials they say that they cannot do anything, since there are minutes from several courses For the same problem. Can someone guide me what I can do? Thanks

  77.   soul lina said

    Good morning, where can I go when my son is going to do repeater but if he has the knowledge so that with an exam they can pass him to 2nd year

  78.   Sandra Bolanos said

    Good morning. I have a question? What should I do if my daughter is studying tenth grade and wants to study a technician in the Seine and the school where she studies does not want her to leave an hour before so that she can continue preparing as a person for the future and we are already looking for solutions so that present jobs for that hour at school?

  79.   snows said

    My son has been 6 months between hospitalized and admitted this course. He was on 3 o'clock. In May they discharged him and he joined the school. As in the Valencian Community there is no possibility of presenting himself in September, the exams have been in July He has passed mathematics and language and 6 more subjects, because until this year he had never failed anything, but despite all the effort he made he has failed 5 subjects such as technology.When reading the rights of the students, the question arises, My son has experienced a special situation, which he might consider needed special educational measures, but he has had to take the same exam as all his classmates. Is that normal? The school wants him to repeat the grade, I think it will be very negative for him. I can do?

  80.   Light Esther F said

    Hello, I would like to know if the students of paid schools have the mimosa educational rights if the ministry supports their education in an iguana way.

  81.   Humberto Mejia said

    I ask for your answer as soon as possible; I would like to know if a teacher can check my backpack without my consent and that of my parents

  82.   Student said

    Hello, I am a student of EPET N ° 7 "Vicente A. Salemi" and it happens that in my school students who arrive 1 minute late are sent home, they use this as a method of discipline, it is a public school and I wanted to know if You are not violating any right? Help us, many of us want to learn and because we have different types of problems to attend the institution do not deprive us of our learning: c we expect a response from Tata students.

    1.    nata aviles said

      Hello, I have a doubt, tell me, the teachers can remove the suitcase with all its content (I have a teacher who if you do not bring the duty, she takes the suitcase) for me it is not correct it hurts a lot since it is not the only subject there are 14 more and it is necessary the books and notebooks that she removes I really don't understand what she's doing is illogical.

  83.   Juan said

    What I did not like was that the person who supposedly is so saying the obligations are just wrong

  84.   nata aviles said

    Hello, I have a doubt, tell me, the teachers can remove the suitcase with all its content (I have a teacher who if you do not bring the duty, she takes the suitcase) for me it is not correct it hurts a lot since it is not the only subject there are 14 more and it is necessary the books and notebooks that she removes I really don't understand what she's doing is illogical.

  85.   Sara said

    Can you remove the break?

  86.   Rosemarie seemann said

    Well, my daughter is in a higher technical institute and everything was fine until this week she arrives crying from her classes that she experienced a very unpleasant situation with her career boss, she called her reactions in a strong way in that she was not very tolerant of the frustration and threatened that she would call home to inform me of this, but she also told her that since she was not able to do her practice, she called me and told me that she did not know how to react and that she had consulted with other teachers and that apparently the others think the same and that also I ask her classmates and they say the same not enough with that she called the school where she would do the practice to say negative things about her I would like them to respond to this and not I know if their rights are being violated

  87.   there will be simi said

    If the sideburns are cut that is too long and it is not the school haircut, it is an aggression

  88.   there will be simi said

    If a student's sideburns are cut too long and it is not the school haircut, it is an assault

  89.   Anonymous said

    Hi, Could you help me solve a problem?
    I think that I speak on behalf of many students from my school when I say that there is a teacher who does not respect the boys and girls of the site at all (Baccalaureate). So far, or at least that we know of, all he does is be a bad teacher, conscientiously, I daresay, strange as it sounds. It turns out that this teacher does not respect the opinion of the students, he tells us that 'all of them go directly to the garbage', he does not even explain the syllabus properly and laughs at us when we answer his questions, regardless of whether they are right or wrong . Not to mention the exams; he gives us a class of two hours at most, just reading a couple of paragraphs from the current book (with very little interest, by the way), and he gives us exams of about thirty pages, without exaggeration, in about four days. "You are in high school," he tells us, despite knowing the date of all our exams and imposing his subject on the rest by dating said exams in the middle of them. Is there a way that, like a technician (for example) who does not do his job well and is fired, that they make this man change?
    PS: He steadfastly refuses to dial out. What should we do in this situation?

  90.   Paqui said

    Hello, my daughter is 11 years old and almost 12 years old in the school where she has been since she was little, there is a monitor that is shared and I have been asking for many years that the monitor spend more time with her due to her difficulty to handle herself she has cerebral palsy and goes in a chair on wheels the monitor only changes her diaper once ... And she needs help with more things since she is a very intelligent girl but she is lagging behind alone ... .. I can do it. Thanks

  91.   Thiago said

    Hello, my name is Thiago, I am studying 1 year of secondary school, I am performing, they can give me warnings

  92.   Thiago said

    Hello, my name is Thiago, I am studying 1 year of secondary school, I am performing, they can give me warnings

  93.   Beatriz said

    And the homework? Where are they?

  94.   Mayte said

    Hello, we are doing a medium degree of cobfeccion and fashion. The teacher of patterns gives us a slide and we copy them. We do the patterns as we can, he does not give us any explanation. Now we have an exam that involves five or six types of patterns and half of the class only know how to make two. Is it fair to examine us like this ???

  95.   dixon castle said

    Does the student have the right to claim something that is left in the classroom even if it is stubborn?

  96.   Anonymous said

    Hello, I have a girl who applied to the Monserrat school, she prepared a lot to enter but her nerves betrayed her again but she is a very good student, she has a lot of knowledge, I bag 108.5 and I do not reach the limit score. that she does not adapt they have no respect for anyone it is a neighborhood public school and she is ready to go sit down and get a grade for attending she wants more demands she has some very anxious projects and with that teaching she will not get anywhere side. she feels frustrated she just wants the opportunity to enter this school just that. age does not help her to continue applying it is a shame that no one understands her and they sit down to listen to her who cares what happens to her psychological mind was left It kills me very bad to see her like this. My daughter will have some rights, someone will understand how you feel, I swear, you know, the entire exam was broken and she couldn't finish the Spanish story directly, they put 0 on her, even though she was broken because she has leukopenia, did the test, has very low white blood cells, she breaks down When she is very stressed, that is what happened to her. As a mother I feel very sad for her. She deserves to go in. I ask again, my daughter will have some right.

  97.   David said

    We have the right to request the change of teacher at a table with a court once we disapprove three different times because the educational authorities do not enforce that right



  99.   Ibai said

    I was in a fp and I asked my tutor for the exams that he had taken until that moment, he told me that since he had already taught me the exams later, he could not teach me these again.
    Do I have the right to see all the exams that I take during the course?

  100.   Viki said

    hello, do students have the right to take a photo, photocopy or write on a sheet of at least their mistakes from a regular test?

  101.   Jose Joaquin Rodriguez said

    The rights have been very clear, but the duties… where are they? Because the rights and duties of people only make sense when they go hand in hand: it is not understood to demand the rights if one is not willing to fulfill the duties.

  102.   Ana said

    It is very good that the rights are included. But they forget about homework. And of course, that is the problem. You just have to go through an institute to see that much right but it seems that today's kids have no obligation.

  103.   Jael Vargas said

    Good evening I have a concern, my daughter is in the tenth grade and in math classes some students sabotage the class the teacher has made the decision not to teach the class but he takes it for granted that he dictated it and evaluates the subject when the students do They pay attention, they demand, he answers that they are the ones to blame for not taking their classmates out of class, that is legal, it is the student who must take out their classmate or the teacher.

  104.   glenda said

    Hello, it will be possible that my son will be left for a year for having a hundred / of absences that I do not justify and I have signed a commitment document. It will be that I can appeal the case, please help me

  105.   Dylan gael said

    A high school student has a problem because at home he has problems because of that, sometimes he does not pay attention and does not do homework also because he is lazy, but the teacher decided that he no longer wants him in school and the principal does not want him either Can a student be deprived of study? He proposed to make him want and recover but they no longer want him in high school, can something be done? I hope and help me

  106.   silvia said

    For the lack of a group of students or a single student, can the entire course be penalized? Denying their right to present the assignments, to give the corresponding value to their work?

    1.    Adriana said

      My son did from the first year to the third year and in the third year he left in the month of November the last days, it turns out that this year he wanted to resume and when I went to ask for his place they denied me that there is no place for him because he is no longer a student from the institution, being that the day before they took a boy who had been expelled and they told me to send him to an accelerated classroom to do again every year what should I do

  107.   Pablo said

    Good Morning. My son who suffers from adjustment problems in high school due to the pressure exerted by his schoolmates because he is of Ecuadorian origin. It is very true what you publish in this article about children's rights, so I thank you for helping families in these matters that are so important for the development of minors. A hug!!

  108.   Carlos said

    the director did not let us leave at our departure time previously marked in the regulations
    for the loss of a cell phone
    if they can do it? or what comes?

  109.   Paula said

    Is it legal, so to speak, that in a school they give 11 exams to students in just 3 days without being prepared?

  110.   karina granda said

    all are rights and duties, where are the duties. The duty to study, the duty to behave with respect to fellow students and teachers, the duty to attend classes, etc.

  111.   slim olive conception said

    In 2nd of that, extraordinary exams in June, recovery, one of the subjects is changed from exam day, without warning, my son did not go to the new date, because he did not find out, my question is, if I can claim that do the exam at another time thanks….

  112.   daniel said

    I am a representative of my institution and for reasons of time, due to being busy in personal matters, I lost a lot of time and it was reflected in my graduation this year since I am not going to be able to graduate, it would be fair that they give me the same treatment as a Normal student I clarify I am not underestimating anyone but because attending many meetings affected me a lot I appreciate your response thank you very much

  113.   kleiver said

    Hello good, I would like to know if it is a student's right to receive all their grades and if in their notebook they did not put a grade, what could I do?

  114.   Elena said

    In the IES LA MARINA IN BEZANA CANTABRIA THEY SAY THAT IT IS BILINGUAL but they do not respect the rights of the students in French in the ESO there is a teacher who does not use music or books or anything, she only gives a few photocopies days before the exam and puts 200 verbs without Translating and does not help the less advanced students are classists and it is a closed preserve, with public money and poor quality the French language at IES LA MARINA BEZANA IS NEFASTO SOS.
    They do not learn and the suspensions and demotivation because of the madam patricia de bezana in French does not explain a disaster that they are 13-year-old children and they demand them as if they were French and she does not have a place only bag and 5 the teacher patricia de bezana cantabria and I enter the list to teach live the methodology and pedagogy

  115.   MARIA CI said



  116.   Valeria said

    Do private school students have the right to freedom of expression?
    My hair is black and I lightened it a bit, it is hardly noticeable, not to say it is not noticeable, but even so they sent me to take it off and forbade me to go to class tomorrow if I didn't "fix it."

  117.   Silvia said



  118.   Immaculate Llanes Lopez said

    Do we have the right to know the program of the subjects?

  119.   Jose Luis said

    Can the student be tested in the yard?

  120.   Antonela said

    Can they force you to stay in the establishment when you are 18 years old and without a teacher?