Duties of an administrative assistant

An administrative assistant has studied an opposition

Do you know what the functions of an administrative? If you are currently thinking of taking the next Administrative Assistant competitions, you should know what these functions will be that you will have to exercise if you pass the exam and work as such.

This work, and therefore, Their functions should not be confused with those of Administrative Technician. Although both carry the word "administrative" they are two different categories of work.

What is an administrative assistant?

The administrative assistant is that person we usually meet in private or public centers and whose main tasks are related to office work. But to know more exactly what are the functions of an administrative, what tasks, and roles have to perform administrative assistants, both public and private centers, read on below.

What does it take to be an administrative assistant?

Knowing all the functions to be performed by administrative assistants, this is all you need to know and have:

  • Know how to read and write, obviously and have notions of basic calculus.
  • Ability to communication.
  • ICT knowledge, word processing and / or keyboard control.
  • Be well organized, be methodical and careful in his work.
  • Know and be willing to teamwork.
  • Know how to handle the usual office equipment, such as photocopiers.
  • Having elegant and formal look if they perform reception duties.
  • Know how to show a professional, polite and friendly attitude.
  • To have initiative to complete the tasks that are asked.

And you, do you comply with everything that is asked of an administrative assistant? Has it been clear to you what the functions of an administrative What are you going to have to do if you get the job? If you are interested in doing this job, in the SAS oppositions of the Andalusian Health Service you have a great opportunity to achieve it.

What is the difference between an administrative and an administrative assistant

There are several tasks that an administrative assistant performs

Preparing for an opposition is a challenge faced by many professionals today. Among the competitions that arouse the interest of many candidates are those that call for new positions for administrative and administrative assistant. Although the concepts are so similar in appearance, it should be clarified that they are not synonymous. Next, we will clarify what are the differences between the two profiles in the context already mentioned of an opposition.

The requirements to access the tests are different in each case. From an academic point of view, the resume of the administrative assistant must show the title of ESO or the equivalent to this. The administrative, for his part, needs to prove that he has completed the Baccalaureate, or that title that is equivalent to this academic level. It should be clarified that professionals may have more advanced training, but this is the essential preparation required in each case to qualify for the tests.

As we have commented, the administrators must have more training. And, therefore, they also carry out tasks that are more complex. Both profiles perform very important functions in the day-to-day running of a firm, but the nature of each job position is different. The administrative assistant performs more technical functions in relation to this matter.

The administrative, for his part, occupies a position of greater responsibility and performs administrative management tasks. And in consequence, the performance of a position of greater responsibility is also perceived in a monthly salary that is higher than the salary of an administrative assistant.

Below we detail the functions of each one to make it clearer:

Administrative assistant functions

  • This professional answers phone calls
  • Perform archiving tasks
  • Type texts with careful spelling
  • Take care of the day's agenda
  • Work as a team with colleagues to meet deadlines

This worker uses different computer programs for a practical purpose. Develop communication tasks: not only answer phone calls but email.

Duties of an administrative

Below you have a list of the main tasks of an administrative:

  • Documents reception.
  • Take phone calls.
  • Attend visits.
  • Archive documents.
  • Perform elementary calculations.
  • Inform about everything related to the department on which it depends.
  • Be up to date on the processing of files.
  • Keep updated the agenda, both telephone and addresses, and meetings.
  • Have knowledge of the departments of the Public Administrations with which the section on which it depends is most related.
  • Likewise, have knowledge of the handling of office machinery, from calculators to photocopiers, through personal computers and the computer programs that they entail.

It is likely that on a day-to-day basis there will be even more functions that will have to be performed as administrative, however, these are the most representative.

How long does the administrative assistant course last?

The administrative assistant is a professional who works as a team. And, therefore, it is involved to achieve the objectives set in the office. All the tasks carried out in an office are relevant, even those that seem easier to carry out. Photocopying, for example, is an essential job. This professional profile is in charge of this task.

The training offers a preparation to those professionals who want to look for work in this field. One of the itineraries that you can assess, if you want to access this job position, is the Middle Grade Training Cycle specialized in Administrative Management. To access this cycle, previously, the student must have completed the studies of Compulsory Secondary Education and prove the corresponding title, or another equivalent, in the curriculum vitae.

These studies have an approximate duration of 2000 teaching hours which are organized in two academic courses. After completing this training period, the student has the competencies and skills they need to develop the tasks of this job in the office.

Currently, you can find a wide range of training courses to help you prepare to work as an administrative assistant.

How many subjects must be studied for administrative assistant exams

Often times, this is one of the questions asked by those who value the opportunity to appear for an upcoming exam. In that case, you must study the syllabus to take the tests and get a good score. The contents of the syllabus are structured around several key concepts. On the one hand, administrative, financial and constitutional law. Public function, office automation, local regime and organization of public offices are terms that also occupy a relevant place in the content of the exam. To take the tests, you must carefully read the bases of the call.

Generally, it is in said call where the information regarding the agenda appears. The agenda is structured in different modules. For example, currently, the agenda of the State Administrative Assistant opposition is organized into two main blocks and groups 27 topics.

However, this is a piece of information that may change at some point, since there is no single convening authority that announces places for administrative assistants. Possible variations in relation to this question may occur, as well as some updates from a certain date. One of the advantages of preparing an opposition with the help of an academy is that the professionals of the training center resolve any questions about this or another issue.

It should be remembered that there is no single administration. Oppositions can be framed within the scope of the General State Administration, the Autonomous Administration and the Local Administration. In this way, if you want to work as an assistant in your professional career, you can be attentive to the calls that are carried out in each field. The tasks that this profile performs in each case may vary in each type of administration. However, the tasks listed so far are frequent in all cases. To all of them is added, also, the attention to the public that is an essential task in an office in which each day is different from the previous one.

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