Calligraphy for adults

Calligraphy improves over time

La calligraphy for adults it is the art of writing following a style and with perfectly formed handwriting. Calligraphy has been advancing in schools, in societies and in cultures. There are different styles of calligraphy. An expert knows all of them, including the artistic calligraphy. The letter is a very personal aspect that offers information about each human being. 

Calligraphy is learned at school but must be reinforced at home. For that reason, both teachers and parents should have the knowledge of different calligraphy generators.

Calligraphy generators

With the calligraphy generators for adults and children you can create exercises to improve writing by changing the style or size of the font. In this way, students and older people are able to copy and gradually improve the technique. Too, thanks to printable calligraphy, you can avoid buying booklets specialized in adult calligraphy. With this resource you can create sheets and sheets with personalized text.

But this resource does not have to be only for students of school age or Primary Education. If you are an adult, and you do not like your writing, you can discover the following calligraphy generators. Remember the message: "You only learn to write by writing."

Next, we are going to present some of the calligraphy generators for adults and children that you can use.

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On this website you can find a site where you can download for free calligraphy exercises in both uppercase and lowercase letters. Anyone who wants learning to write or improve your handwriting, you have a chance to achieve these goals. In addition, you can also find games, coloring pages, stories, tests and a wide variety of resources.


The web called mcfree lets you create calligraphy cards for adults, but also to improve calligraphy in children. You just have to fill out a simple form to create and print the calligraphy activities in pdf. Choose between different type of letters (linear or dotted) and the lines you want per page. Without a doubt, this is a very interesting resource.

Resource box

En resource box you can also find a great printable calligraphy token generator. Choose from several options: dotted, grid, font size and even page orientation.

What do you think of these resources to carry out calligraphy exercises for adults or children? You can create your cards according to your needs or those of your students. Which of all these resources do you like the most?

How to get started with calligraphy

How to make the handwriting pretty? Calligraphy adds an artistic touch to writing, since it takes care of the aesthetics of the words. Choose a comfortable, well-lit place to write. It is important that when you start to make a line you do not perceive any type of shadow on the sheet. That is, prepare the workspace.

To write better through the beauty of the strokes, taking care of the movement of each letter, it is important that you focus fully on this goal. There are different types of papers that can be used in this process. It is a good idea to select a suitable paper to start practicing. In an absorbing format it is not possible to make subsequent corrections. A paper with a smooth texture and a smooth surface is especially suitable. Such a format makes the writing process easier.

Choose different pens, markers or pens to experiment. However, there is a writing utensil that is especially suitable for beginners: the pencil. With the help of this material you can give the desired shape to a letter, by adding the straight and curved lines. The tip of the pencil should be the desired shape to accurately make the thinnest or thickest lines. In the creative writing of a story, the author can look for different sources of inspiration.

Well, inspiration is also very present in calligraphy. Since you can find multiple references to guide you in this exercise. An inspiration is an example that you can model. But remember that you leave your own mark on the way you write. Calligraphy can always be improved. In that case, try to specify the objective that you would like to achieve with this learning. What aspect do you want to perfect in your writing? You may want it to be clearer and more readable.

One of the advantages of using the pencil in this exercise is that it is possible to correct a mistake when using the rubber. However, it is convenient to advance in this creative process without looking for a perfect result from the first moment. It is experience that gives you the technique and learning necessary to achieve this goal. In this way, if you save the exercises that you have done over time, you will be able to observe your own evolution.

This learning process is always gradual. Thus, Before writing the first words, it is recommended that you make different types of strokes. Relax and enjoy this action plan. These strokes are what you are going to use in writing the letters and words. Therefore, this preliminary phase prepares you to move in the direction of the final goal. The style used in a text must be maintained throughout it. Don't press too hard on the pencil, as this will make you more tired. This error requires more effort. Try to flow with the writing process.

How to improve adult calligraphy

There are many things you can do to improve your penmanship

How to carry out this learning in the adult stage? This learning, like any other, is always personalized. Perhaps you want to perfect the writing of a vowel or consonant that, for some specific reason, seems more difficult. Read different texts that you have written before. In this way, you can specify this information to focus your learning in one direction. Take care of the separation between the letters, since each one must have its own space. In turn, the words must show uniformity at the visual level. Harmony and proportion are important in calligraphy.

Nowadays, many adults write more on the computer, since this is a common practice in the professional field. But it is convenient to recover the art of handwriting. Get familiar with this routine in your day-to-day life. For example, write a journal, use a paper planner, take notes when you attend a conference, write on a whiteboard, or send letters to friends and family. Stationery products, therefore, are very important on your desk.

How to motivate yourself during the practice of calligraphy? Get inspired by phrases that have emotional meaning for you. For example, write the title of a novel you love or your favorite movie. In this way, you not only focus on the writing itself but also on what information expresses. Link this exercise with your own interests. If you love to travel, this topic can inspire you to write frequently.

Take care of your posture when writing but put the paper, too, in the right position. This should be straight. Use higher quality paper to preserve exercises that are more special for some reason.

There are different help resources that can accompany you in this learning process. The book Calligraphy and Beautiful Letters: Calligraphy and lettering notebook in more than ten modern styles is a work by Laluna Lana. The pages of this notebook show the keys to learning modern calligraphy in a practical way. This publication is especially suitable for beginners.

Find a daily space to practice lettering. You don't need to spend a lot of time each day on this goal. Do this exercise for a few minutes and stay consistent on this long-term project.

We hope this information is useful and helps you to improve your handwriting so that you have a more beautiful handwriting.

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