Attitude towards the study

It is important to have an attitude towards the study

The attitude that a student adopts towards the study influences the learning of any subject. Some subjects can be difficult. And when that happens, the perception of the subject itself changes. The challenge seems more complex in that case. And this fact can cause demotivation. But the student also has resources to face this difficulty and overcome it. There are two key concepts to achieving this goal: planning and dedication. With a good organization, the student manages to overcome any difficulty.

Consistency and daily work are decisive to meet the objectives set. It is advisable to be flexible in choosing the study method. If this is not effective, changes must be incorporated to find positive learning outcomes. The student must accept his mistakes and overcome his limitations; This is essential to advance day by day.

Often the students who perform the best are the most motivated. Students who are confident in their possibilities, plan their agenda and use a good study method.

How do attitudes influence learning?

Sometimes, the student feels conditioned by external factors that he cannot decide for himself. For example, the date of an upcoming exam. But a proactive student is one who values ​​circumstances, and does not feel determined by them. In other words, make the best decisions in the context in which you find yourself. Educating one's own attitude to exercise optimism towards studying is a possible learning process. Use the right tools to move forward, for example, study skills.

Attitude influences learning in its positive perspective, but also in a more negative way. Beliefs influence behavior and produce emotions. A student who repeats to himself that he will not be able to achieve a goal has become convinced of it because he has turned a belief into a truth. In this way, the effect of a self-fulfilling prophecy is produced. That fact ends up happening in reality. The person anticipated his own failure. And, given the prospect of this horizon, he was not truly involved in the study.

Attitudes influence learning significantly, beyond the immediate. This is evidenced by the value of habits. The study habits that the student learns in the first years of his academic life evolve in the long term. But the essence of that habit was the engine of this later evolution. A custom does not last forever if there is no commitment to the accomplishment of a task. That is, a habit can easily be broken after having incorporated it into the day to day. However, the perseverance of the student who puts these routines into practice enhances personal evolution.

Why do personal attitudes influence learning? Because the student solves a difficulty by relying on himself. Namely, exercises those resources and tools at your fingertips to achieve your goals and meet your educational goals.

How to differentiate limiting beliefs from enhancers

How to differentiate limiting beliefs from enhancers?

Limiting beliefs are those that damage a student's self-confidence who does not realistically observe what his qualities and abilities are. In other words, these types of messages damage personal self-esteem. Those statements that begin with the introduction "I can't" are an example of limiting beliefs. On the contrary, the human being can also consciously nurture empowering beliefs.

Those messages are those that allow you to perceive your personal evolution. This happens when the student analyzes his current situation, but also visualizes the objectives that he can achieve. While something seems impossible or very complex when perceived through the filter of limiting beliefs, willpower increases when it takes hold in the gaze of the possible.

After what is stated in this section, we propose the following suggestions. First, identify what is the limiting belief that is conditioning your academic stage. That idea that accompanies you on a recurring basis and that generates fatigue, worry and demotivation.

Identifying that belief is the first step in not being conditioned by it. Also, remember that this idea does not describe reality objectively. On the other hand, make a list of personal strengths you want to cultivate hereinafter. And build on your empowering beliefs from those strengths.

How to achieve a positive attitude towards studying

How to achieve a positive attitude towards studying?

Firstly, models behavior of those classmates who pass on this valuable example to you. That is, they can be the mirror in which you see your own potential. Do not compare yourself with other students, learn from them from admiration (just as they can also admire you).

It carries out an optimal planning in the studies. Set short-term goals that are connected, in turn, with the more long-term goals you want to achieve. Commit to the time dedicated to studying that you have written down in your agenda. Don't break the script with last minute excuses. If you act in this way, you weaken the habit and the demotivation increases. Identify the award that you will give yourself at the end of the week when you have met your study schedule. For example, a break time in which you will see a new movie.

Value your effort beyond the result itself. Perhaps at some point you feel the frustration of not having achieved a goal after a long time of study. But not having reached that objective does not imply that this previous period does not have a valuable meaning in itself. That is, always focus on the positive in any process, beyond the final data. Assess your effort, your involvement and your ability to excel in each of the study phases.

In addition, should seek advice whenever it is convenient. Perhaps at some point the student believes that he cannot improve his attitude towards studying, even if he wants to. In that case, it may be positive that you have the pedagogical support of a private teacher to guide you through this stage.

Decorate your study area and create a comfortable and orderly space.

Therefore, the attitude towards the study is very important. And in this article we have given you some tips to grow your best version.

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