Benefits of belonging to a learning community

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A learning community can be focused on different areas and it will depend on what you want to learn whether you want to join one learning community or another. A learning community is exactly a project devised by people where directed educational actions are carried out where the main objective is educational and social transformation.

A learning community follows an educational model that will be consistent with the learning factors of society. In a learning community, the participation of community members is essential. One person can participate in a learning community directly or indirectly and can influence the learning and development of all students.

There are learning communities all over the world and can be for all ages, to improve not only the academic success of students but also to improve the coexistence of people.

Learning communities

Learning Communities can facilitate the academic transition that all students make when they begin college classes. In a university, for example, a learning community has access to faculty members who work as a community. Connections can be made with teachers and students to help improve a current and future network. 

Students who decide to be part of a learning community tend to have better grades because they are actively and socially involved in the learning they are developing. Many people are known who are interested in the same learning as you, expanding a circle of contacts that can be very beneficial not only for learning, but also for the future. There is more motivation towards learning when there are more people interested in it.

If you are interested in being part of a learning community, it is very important that you first think about whether that learning community really satisfies your intellectual concerns. This is very important because students who want to belong to a learning community may have privileges within the educational community.

Benefits of joining a learning community

Participation in a learning community offers a number of benefits, all of which help promote academic and social success. As with any community, what you get out of it will largely depend on what you put into it. The benefits of being part of a learning community (or even living in one) include:

  • Greater motivation towards learning
  • Increase current and future contacts
  • Better academic, social and work opportunities
  • Improve connection with the study community
  • Greater participation in learning
  • Active learning
  • Greater personal and academic satisfaction
  • Academic success
  • Very positive academic and social experience
  • Teachers committed to helping their students
  • Meet more people and make more friends of interest

Learning Communities Today

Today's learning communities are not only found in universities or university residences. Currently, there are learning communities through the Internet on educational platforms to which you can belong and be a member. But it is also possible to belong to educational communities that exist on Facebook or on social networks, although these communities tend to be less formative and more social, that is, to meet people with similar interests rather than to learn seriously.

If you want to be part of a learning community, you will have great opportunities to develop skills that you might not otherwise get. TOFurthermore, you will have the opportunity to learn to work as a team and be a good supportive partner, in addition to receiving extra help from the rest of the members of the educational community to which you belong.

As if that were not enough, learning communities carry out activities and projects that have to do with your interests, something that will undoubtedly be positive to encourage your motivation and increase contacts. Without a doubt, belonging to a learning community are all advantages, so do not hesitate to look for the one that best suits your intellectual interests. In some communities a small contribution must be paid but in others it is not necessary, decide which one interests you the most!

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