Laptops for students, how to choose one?

Laptops continue to gain presence in the market. They have become the most popular choice among consumers, mainly because they have little to envy a desktop computer. A group that usually uses a laptop on a regular basis are students. In many cases it is almost necessary to have one.

But, when buying a laptop being a student, you have to take many things into account. Since the best one for each one must be chosen precisely. Therefore, below we leave you with some tips that will help you in this search.

In this way, you will be able to choose the best laptop for you in a much easier way. A computer that adapts to your situation and needs. So that you can get the most out of this device in your studies. ¿What aspects should we take into account?


Portable screen size

If we buy a laptop, most likely we will go to class with the same. In many university majors it is necessary to do so. So we need a model that is the right size, but is not too heavy. Since we have to carry it with us constantly.

Screen size mattersBecause no one wants a screen that is too small or has a poor resolution. Although it also depends on what you are studying, because in some cases it can have much more influence. Especially in situations like computer or graphic design students.

Therefore, take into account the use that you are going to make of it, if you are going to take it regularly to your study center and what you are studying. In this way you will be able to determine in a somewhat more precise way what is the ideal size for this device in your case.

In the laptop market we find many sizes of screens. If you are looking student laptops, models with screens between 11 and 13 inches can be a good option to consider. 15 inches is the most common size on the market, which can work perfectly for most users. The size of the screen is related to its resolution. If you study graphic design, architecture, or film production, resolution plays a key role. In this sense, you should not skimp on quality, since you will notice it with the use of the laptop.

But you must always take the weight into account. Since on many occasions between laptops with the same size screen there are notable differences in weight. Thus, you do not buy one that is too heavy and uncomfortable to transport.


All consumers want their laptop to be powerful and high performance. Also in the case of a device for students with which to study, take notes or complete tasks. Although, what one is studying comes into play again.

As a person studying engineering needs a much more powerful laptop than another person who studies economics or teaching. Although it is good to have a model that has power, depending on your studies, you may not need it. Therefore, you can use a simpler computer that meets what you need.

Portables with a RAM of 4 GB they will be more than enough with what you need. But those users in technical careers who use the computer a lot, especially if they have to program or design something, should go for laptops with 8 GB of RAM, if possible. Since this way you have the assurance that it will fulfill what you need.

Users who need the computer for intensive use, in technical races, should also consult the processor that the laptop offers us. Because they will need to use the best ones on the market. So, The Intel i5 or i7 Core are possibly the best option that we have available in this regard. They are powerful and contribute to moderate energy consumption.


Portable battery

Most likely, you will have to bring your laptop to your study center. In many cases, it is possible that it will go without connecting to the power for several hours. Therefore, we need a device that has enough autonomy so that we can work for several hours without having to worry about it.

In this sense, it is important to always read what the manufacturer says about the laptop, since they usually specify the autonomy it has. But this is not the only thing we must take into account. If we already have some models thought, it is good to consult the opinions of other users who have already bought it. There you can have a better and real idea about the autonomy that these laptops have.

As minimum it should have a battery life of about six hours, but ideally it would be higher. Therefore, it is good to check what users say about various laptops in terms of battery life, since this way we can see how they work with normal use.

Bonded warehouse


We all like that the computer has a lot of storage space, so that we do not have to worry when it comes to saving files on it. But, there may be cases in which you do not need too much space you are not going to use it. So you are paying to have a laptop with more space unnecessarily.

Again, we must take into account the use that we are going to make of this device and our study. Since there are careers in which you may have to save many documents, of several different types and you need space. While there are other students who may not need as much storage space. Consider the use you are going to give it before choosing.

While there may be users who wish to have additional space, if necessary, you can consider options such as expanding the storage space in the future. So you don't pay excess money to have more space if you don't need it at the moment.

Another aspect to consider is whether bet on a HDD or an SSD. For users who need powerful laptops that work at full capacity at all times, it is best to go for an SSD. Although they tend to have less storage capacity, they are lighter, faster and do not fragment. So you will win by betting on them.

For users who are not going to make excessive use of the laptop, simply edit documents and navigate, an HDD is enough for us. Since we are not going to demand so much from the computer while we use it.



Accessories also play a key role when buying a laptop. Possibly the most important thing is to find a good cover or bag to transport it. We need it to fit the size of our computer and be light, but protect the device at all times while we transport it.

Accessories like the mouse are optional. There are users who move perfectly with the touchpad of a laptop, but others do not. If you do not feel comfortable using it, then it is better to buy a small mouse to use with the computer. Depending on the study you follow, you may find it very useful to have a mouse.


Students laptop

Of course, we cannot forget this aspect. We always have to take into account the budget we have to buy this laptop that we need for our studies. Since this is an aspect that will determine many of the previous ones. Depending on the amount of money that we can spend, we have certain limitations.

Therefore, before starting to consult laptop models, it is best to be clear or establish a budget. You should base yourself on what you need from this laptop to establish it, as users of careers like graphic design or engineering are going to need noticeably more expensive laptops.

Thus, when you are clear about the money you can spend, the search will be much more specific and you will focus on a more specific segment. Something that can make it much simpler for you to find the laptop that best fits what you are looking for.

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