What is an orderly

The position of caretaker requires that the person who performs this function in the hospital be able to empathize with patients

It is important to plan the study well

Study time planning

How to successfully plan study time? We give you the keys to achieve your goals with a perfect organization!


What is a public employee?

The public employee is a person who renders his services to the Public Administration obtaining a remuneration for it.

Civil Guard

Requirements to be a Civil Guard

If you want to be a Civil Guard and work in this all your life, do not miss the requirements that are required to be an applicant.

What is a diagram and what is it for?

Do you know what a diagram is and its usefulness? We teach you how to make a diagram to study or structure ideas. Do you know the types of diagrams? Enters!

Security Guard Course

In this article we briefly tell you what the Security Guard course consists of, the requirements that must be met and the tests to pass.

Keys to approving an opposition

In today's article I briefly tell you about my experience since I started studying an opposition. I tell you some keys that you have to keep in mind

What types of oppositions exist?

In today's article we will tell you what types of oppositions exist in Spain, the nature of each of their contracts and their functions.

New call to work in Correos

In this link we come to talk a little about the new call to work at the Post Office. 2.345 places have been offered. Will it be one of them for you?

Phases of reading

Phases of reading

We tell you what the phases of reading are so that you understand the text in the shortest time possible and do not miss any details when reading.

How to pass psychotechnics

How to pass the psychotechnics of the National Police, Local Police or Civil Guard. What profile are they looking for?

Phases to make an opposition

Carrying out an opposition is a long process that requires not only study but also going through a series of phases.

655 public places in education are summoned

This offer is for public employment of teaching personnel without university studies. These places will open in 2015 in the Valencian community and will be freely accessible. The places add up to a total of 655 and are the union of the squares of 2014 and 2015.

Civil Guard Oppositions

In the civil guard competitions, a series of requirements must be met, which we will detail below

Present to several oppositions

When planning a strategy to be able to approve the different competitions, one of the main doubts that arises is to appear for one or more competitions

Oppositions in Andalusia

The competitions for secondary education and music and performing arts already have a starting date. They will begin on June 21 and the participants to this opposition amount to almost 9500 people

Oppositions for pharmacists

At present it is not easy to access public health or all the means that are needed while being within it, that is why now there is the option of opposing to work in a pharmacy as a pharmacist

The Aragonese Health Service will announce 184 places

This year, the Aragonese Health Service will summon a total of 719 positions by opposition. As reported by the Government of Aragon, the calls have already been published in the categories of Technician S. Radiodiagnosis, Management and Information Technology and Systems Specialist, Technician S.

Cuttings in organisms

And since the economy is currently in decline in Spain, they have had to reach agreements, cuts in organizations and reform in order to reduce expenses or spend what is necessary in the country to be able to get out of the decline.

Fuenlabrada rehearses the free WI-FI for its unemployed

With this initiative it is intended that the WI - FI network of the Fuenlabrada City Council is accessible to the unemployed of the town through a system of free cards. No one disputes that the internet is one of the fastest and most effective methods of finding employment or training.

Andalusia cancels aid for freelancers and professionals

Finally, the economic crisis that Andalusia is experiencing has been transferred to the subsidies that the Junta granted to the self-employed and to SMEs. The purpose of these grants was to create economic activity in the 8 Andalusian provinces. These loans and guarantees have been canceled by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment.

Courses for the unemployed in Alcorcón

The Alcorcón City Council is going to develop vocational training courses for employment to try to make the town's unemployed more likely to find a job. The courses will be given by the Department of Economy, Employment and New Technologies, which is chaired by Carlos Gómez. The mayor has announced an agreement with the Community of Madrid to equip the courses.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife aims to hire 100 people at risk of social exclusion

The hiring of unemployed people at risk of social exclusion will be carried out with a budget of 200.000 euros for all councils on the island. With this budget, 100 unemployed people will be hired for a period ranging between 3 and 4 months. The estimated salary for each of the contracts is 645 euros per month.


Physical tests firefighter oppositions

Physical tests are one of the hardest parts of being a firefighter. There are several exercises that you must master to pass the tests with good marks and be eligible for a place in the fire brigade.

Active employment policies suffer a cut of 21%

Due to the economic crisis that plagues the country, active employment policies and their budgets are also being cut. In 2012, the budget for active employment policies will fall by 21%, unemployment benefits will be paid 5,4% and training for the unemployed and workers will decrease by 34%.

The Community of Madrid guarantees health coverage for the unemployed

After a week full of news about the possible withdrawal in some autonomies of universal health coverage for unemployed people who have stopped receiving unemployment benefit, the Community of Madrid has wanted to make it clear that in the autonomous community universal health care is assured for any person registered in it.

The Almeria town of Vera extends two training courses for 30 unemployed

The Almeria consistory of Vera will develop two training actions in 2012. Both are included in professional training for employment and have to do with training for hospital guards and English for customer service. With the training, it is expected that the unemployed will have more possibilities to reintegrate into the labor market.

The ECYL will have € 3,5 million in scholarships for the unemployed

The Castilla Public Employment Service (ECYL) will have a budget of € 3,5 million for the course that is now beginning to invest in training and scholarships. These scholarships will be available to the unemployed who are in some training action for Vocational Training for Employment. Scholarships include, in some cases, transportation, board and lodging.

Aragon turns to export

The Government of Aragon intends for the export sector to lead the economic sector in the region this year. It is expected that this 2011 will reach 9.000 million € exported. It has been the economist Enrique Barbero who has expressed these intentions from the pages of the magazine “Economía Aragonesa”.

The Community of Madrid for the labor insertion of the disabled

The Governing Council of the Community of Madrid has allocated € 950.000 for the creation of grants that enable the labor integration of people with disabilities within the geographical scope of the autonomous community. As a vehicle for labor insertion are the Special Employment Centers.

Returning to pre-crisis unemployment will take 10 years

The Economic and Social Council has just reflected in a report that recovering the 20% unemployment rate and returning to the 8% that existed in 2007 will cost us as a country 10 years of efforts. On the horizon of 2021, we will be able to reduce unemployment again to 8,6%, a figure that was reached in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Malaga finalizes the granting of the € 400 training aid for all its unemployed

The Andalusian Employment Service (SAE) in the province of Malaga has started an appointment program to manage the € 400 concession based on training aid in the 21 offices that it has scattered throughout the province. The subsidy, linked to training and within the PREPARA program, allows the unemployed who have exhausted the benefit to receive € 400 for 6 months.

The town hall of Segovia launches a new promotion of the Factor E Program

Three new training actions for employment are about to begin in the city of Segovia in what supposes a relaunch of the already traditional Factor E Program. The process of admission of applications for them is currently open until the 18th of March. The three new vocational training actions for employment are "Warehouse Management and Handling Operations", "Laundry and Dry Cleaning Assistant" and "Sales and Commerce Assistant".

Santander City Council will train 250 unemployed

The Santander City Council through its Department of Youth, Employment and New Technology will provide training to 250 unemployed registered in the city. This training will be carried out through 20 courses. The new training plan for the unemployed has been communicated by Councilor Samuel Ruiz and it is intended to address the strong demand for training demanded by Santander residents.


Occupational training monitor courses begin in Almería

The Social and Labor Foundation of Almería has organized for the first months of 2011 a total of 3 courses for the unemployed, the purpose of which is to train them as occupational trainers. The courses are limited to 15 students each and have a duration of 260 theoretical hours and 90 practical hours. Each course is made up of new training modules.

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